Lauren Lanier

Lending a Helping Hand: BMX Press Event | Endowment Intern Lauren

By Lauren Lanier

Professional BMX Racers at The Rock Hill Track

The timer buzzed and the gate was let down on the hill of the starting point of the BMX racetrack. The racers took off speeding down the hill and going over jumps.  The crowd was cheering as the racers sped around sharp turns closer to the finish line. It was hot and muggy out but that didn’t stop anyone from enjoying the race, nor did it stop me from capturing those priceless moments of people racing on the BMX bikes.

A Brighter Future For Better Fathers | Endowment Intern Lauren

By Lauren Lanier

Intern Lauren Lanier working on her project

I have exciting news to share this week.  I am working on an upcoming story about The Fatherhood Project.  This story will highlight the single fathers who need help to reconnect with their children for a better future.  The Fatherhood Project is a nonprofit organization that helps fathers in need of being active in their children’s lives, educations, and jobs.  The Fatherhood Project is located in Lancaster, South Carolina, but also serves the surrounding counties of York, Chester, and Chesterfield.  

The Journey So Far | Endowment Intern Lauren

By Lauren Lanier

Photos from this past week's projects.

It is my third week here, so far, with SCETV and a lot has already happened.  I have learned so much already, especially with blogging. I am new to blogging and feel accomplished, now that I have published two blogs.  I still have a lot to learn about blogging but feel more confident as I continue to do blogs for the ETV Endowment internship. 

A Spring Day at Glencairn Garden

By Lauren Lanier

Glencairn Garden in Rock Hill, SC

It’s warm and sunny out.  Bees are collecting nectar as flowers start to bloom at Glencairn Garden.  Visitors are enjoying the spring day, while the turtles and ducks cool off in the ponds of the garden.  It is the perfect place to spend a couple of hours of your day in Rock Hill, South Carolina. When you come and experience the beauty of Glencairn Garden, it’s like stepping into a land from a fairy tale.