Uncompromising Activist: Richard Greener, First Black Professor at USC

By Alfred Turner

Richard T. Greener, circa 1900; by J. H. Cunningham. In The Colored American, February 24, 1900.

Richard T. Greener, circa 1900; by J. H. Cunningham. In The Colored American, February 24, 1900. Credit The Colored American, February 24, 1900 / Library of Congress/Chronicling America (Originally broadcast 06/01/18) - Richard Theodore Greener (1844–1922) was a renowned black activist and scholar.

South Carolina Legend: The Ghost Hound of Goshen

By Charles Dymock

 The Ghost Hound of Goshen

According to Ernest Shealy, The Ghost Hound of Goshen or “Happy Dog” is not a nice spirit. But does this killer canine really exist or is it just a made-up mutt? 

Shealy, curator of the Newberry Museum, recounts the story of Union and Newberry counties’ famous ghost dog. In this story, man’s best friend holds a grudge against the townsfolk who killed his innocent master. Now he haunts a stretch of road deep in the Sumter National Forest. 

By The River to feature Children's Author

By Holly Bounds Jackson

Nina Leipold

After a one-week break from By The River, we’re excited to be back on the schedule Thursday with local children’s author Nina Leipold.  Nina is the author of Mermaid of Hilton Head Island, among other books she’s written for kids.  Leipold shares several interesting stories throughout her By The River interview about how she started writing.  Strangely, it began out of boredom during the evacuation for Hurricane Matthew.  Leipold has a strong passion for conservation and believes people have the best of intentions around sea creatures but simply aren’t educated on how they should and should

Sumter Opera House

By Libby Dallis

Sumter opera House

Anyone who has lived in Sumter or visited can probably remember seeing the iconic watchtower of the Sumter Opera House, which stands over the rest of the downtown area. As a Sumter native, Mayor McElveen witnessed many changes to the Sumter Opera House over the years. Today, the Sumter Opera House not only hosts live music and performances but serves the community economically, culturally, and educationally.

SCETV's In-Depth Look at the Folklore Surrounding "Alice" of the Hermitage

By Brandie Perron

Alice's Grave Marker In All Saints Cemetery

More than 150 years ago, the legend of Alice Flagg of the Hermitage began. This young lady from the banks of the inlet in Georgetown County has touched the lives of many, including the Chandler boys – who grew up sleeping in Alice’s room. Variations to the history are plentiful, but there is evidence to prove…she did exist.

South Carolina author and ghost tour guide, Elizabeth Robertson Huntsinger, takes SCETV viewers on a journey to the 1840s for a love story; and brings the folklore alive through research-driven storytelling and beautiful imagery.

Chocolatier Providing Free Lunches

By Lynn Cornfoot

chocolate machine

Did you know that 1 in 4 children in S.C. lack nutritional food on a regular basis? Many schools provide free lunch during the week, but what’s a child to do when there is no food available for the weekend? A Graniteville-based chocolatier has teamed up with a local foodbank in the Central Savannah River Area to not only bring smiles through their sweets but full bellies, as well.

Carotid Artery Disease

By Bobbi Conner

Dr. Christine Holmstedt

This week Bobbi Conner talks with Dr. Christine Holmstedt about preventing carotid artery disease as well as research related to treating asymptomatic carotid artery disease.  Dr. Holmstedt is an Associate Professor of Neurology and Emergency Medicine and the Medical Director of Tele-Neuroscience at MUSC.