Isaias Strengthens into a Hurricane; Uncertainty Remains on Track Near South Carolina

July 31, 2020 - Posted in Weather by Ray Hawthorne
Isaias Forecast Track

11 AM Update: Isaias is still a Category 1 hurricane, although maximum sustained winds have weakened slightly, to 75 mph. The center of Isaias is about 300 miles southeast of Nassau, and storm motion has slowed a bit, to 16 mph. Isaias is expected to continue slowing down...

Isaias Strengthens and May Affect South Carolina This Weekend

July 30, 2020 - Posted in Weather by Ray Hawthorne
Map of Tropical Storm Isaias approaching Florida and southeastern states

Update Thursday 11 am: Tropical Storm Isaias is just offshore the southeastern shores of the Dominican Republic as of the latest advisory from the National Hurricane Center. Isaias continues to maintain maximum sustained wind speeds of 60 mph (97 km/h) with no change in...

A Tropical Storm Could Impact Florida by the Weekend -- but Uncertainty is High

July 28, 2020 - Posted in Weather by Athena Masson
PTC Nine Forms

Update as of 8 AM Wednesday: Potential Tropical Cyclone Nine is not yet a tropical storm, but squally weather is moving through the Lesser Antilles this morning. The National Hurricane Center says there is a 90 percent change the potential tropical cyclone will achieve...

Hanna Headed for Texas; Gonzalo Approaches Caribbean

July 24, 2020 - Posted in Weather by Ray Hawthorne
Hanna Headed for Texas; Gonzalo Approaches Caribbean

Tropical Storm Hanna — the earliest recorded “H” storm — developed late Thursday evening in the western Gulf of Mexico. Tropical Storm Warnings are in effect ahead of Hanna’s expected arrival on the Texas Gulf coast Saturday. Meanwhile, Tropical Storm Gonzalo continues to...

Depression Forms in the Gulf; Gonzalo Strengthens

July 23, 2020 - Posted in Weather by Ray Hawthorne
Forecast Track for TD 8 and Gonzalo

Tropical Storm Watches are in effect for the Texas Gulf coast ahead of the likely arrival and strengthening of the season's eighth tropical depression. As of 11 am Thursday, the National Hurricane Center said Tropical Depression Eight was located 380 miles east-southeast of...

Tropical System in the Gulf Becoming Better Organized

July 22, 2020 - Posted in Weather by Ray Hawthorne
High chance of development in the Gulf

The tropical wave that has been depositing soaking downpours over parts of South Florida, the Keys, and the western half of the Florida peninsula may be the next system to organize into a tropical depression this week. As of the National Hurricane Center's early afternoon...

The Tropics are Coming Alive, but There are No Curent Threats to South Carolina

July 21, 2020 - Posted in Weather by Dr. Athena Masson

The National Hurricane Center is monitoring two tropical waves for potential development, but neither are a significant or direct threat to Florida over the next five days. One tropical wave, referred to as Invest 99 by meteorologists, has rapidly organized over the past 24...

Mid-Summer Heatwave Likely to Continue This Week

July 20, 2020 - Posted in Weather by Ray Hawthorne
Heat Advisory

Widespread temperatures in the mid to upper 90s and high humidity will boost heat indices to dangerous levels for some across the Palmetto State this week. The National Weather Service issued a patchwork of Heat Advisories Monday for portions of the Upstate, Pee Dee, and...

Hurricane Season Begins Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

June 4, 2020 - Posted in Weather by Tut Underwood
image of Hurricane Michael

This week is not only the beginning of hurricane season, it is Hurricane Preparedness Week in South Carolina. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the National Weather Service are predicting an above-normal hurricane season for 2020. NWS...

Tropical Storm Bertha Forms, Heading for Landfall in South Carolina

May 27, 2020 - Posted in Weather by Ray Hawthorne

Tuesday 2pm EDT Update: Bertha has weakened to a Tropical Depression with maximum sustained wind speeds of 35 mph. As of 2PM EDT Wednesday afternoon Bertha was located about 70 miles north-northwest of Charleston and continues to move inland at about 15 mph, delivering...

Severe Thunderstorm Watch Issued for Upstate, Midlands

May 22, 2020 - Posted in Weather by Ray Hawthorne
Severe Thunderstorm Watch until 8 PM

Areas of strong, damaging winds and large hail are possible as a cluster of thunderstorms moves across portions of the Palmetto state Friday afternoon and early evening. For this reason, the Storm Prediction Center has issued a Severe Thunderstorm Watch until 8 PM for the...

River Flooding Likely to Follow This Week's Heavy Rains

May 20, 2020 - Posted in Weather by Ray Hawthorne
Severe Storm Risk over South Carolina

Persistent heavy rainfall this week, which has led to 3 to 7 inches of rain as of Wednesday morning based on radar data and cooperative observers over the Upstate and Midlands, is likely to lead to river flooding in the coming days statewide. The prevailing wind flow around...

Heavy Rain, Possible Flooding This Week in Upstate and Midlands Regions

May 18, 2020 - Posted in Weather by Dr. Athena Masson

Update Tuesday May 19, 2020: Round after round of showers and thunderstorms will increase the flooding threat across the Upstate and northern Midlands through Thursday. Showers and thunderstorms have already produced 2 to 4 inches of rain since Monday morning for parts of...

Season’s First Tropical Storm Forms East of Florida

May 16, 2020 - Posted in Weather by Megan Borowski

Saturday 11 pm EDT Update: Hurricane hunters have found the tropical depression east of #Florida has strengthened into Tropical Storm #Arthur. Forecast track shifted slightly east, farther off the coast of the Carolinas. Original story Saturday afternoon: The first tropical...

Chances Increasing that a Subtropical Storm Will Develop Near Bahamas This Weekend

May 12, 2020 - Posted in Weather by Dr. Athena Masson

WEDNESDAY MIDDAY UPDATE: There is now a “high” chance of subtropical development near or north of the Bahamas this weekend, according to the 8 am outlook from the National Hurricane Center. Forecasters place the probability that a depression or storm will form at 70 percent...