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We Need Your Help! Survey Responses Needed

October 29, 2019 - Posted in Telehealth by Tabitha Safdi
Doctor having a tele-consult

South Carolina ETV and the South Carolina Telehealth Alliance are working together to assess, explore, and share the available telehealth resources in South Carolina. Every day, doctors, patients, and researchers are using telehealth to provide care throughout the state. Seeking to meet the needs of the patients where they are, more doctors are realizing the need to look at healthcare in a 21st century way. Telehealth is where technology and healthcare intersect. The goal is to improve a patient’s health by delivering real-time care, by medically trained physicians, from a distance.

To assist, we are asking South Carolina residents to respond to 5-minute survey about telehealth services in South Carolina. 

Take the survey

Learn more about the partnership between SCETV and the South Carolina Telehealth Alliance here





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