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What To Watch For in The 2018 SC Governor's Race

By Gavin Jackson


The full interview with Professor Gibbs Knotts, College of Charleston political science department chair, on the state of the 2018 South Carolina governor’s race.

Catch up on who the candidates are and where the race stands a year away from Election Day here.

What does the 2018 election look like now that we’re a year away?

Where the SC Governor's Race Stands A Year Away from Election Day

By Gavin Jackson

The South Carolina state flag

To understand the 2018 governor’s race, rewind a year to the election of President Donald Trump.

Trump’s win moved up South Carolina’s gubernatorial race calendar, when shortly after he won, he named then Gov. Nikki Haley to become his United Nations ambassador.

Moments after a near unanimous Senate vote in January, Haley resigned her office to second-in-command Henry McMaster. The move instantly gave McMaster greater name recognition and a modern track record to run on.