The River's Edge | Backroad Bites

November 15, 2019 - Posted in Business by Tabitha Safdi
The River's Edge

The town of Cheraw has a few claims to fame and one of them involves river boats. That’s the icon for local restaurant The River’s Edge . On this episode of "Backroad Bites," we learn why this local mecca has become a worldwide treasure. Watch more Backroad Bites every...

Kickers | Backroad Bites

September 13, 2019 - Posted in Business by Tabitha Safdi
Kicker's Take-out in Greenwood, SC

The Sassafras to many South Carolinians is the tallest mountain in the state but for the folks of Greenwood, it’s a must-have menu item. On this episode of Backroad Bites, we donned our pastels for the Festival of Flowers stopping by Kickers to learn about what makes this...