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August 14, 2020 - Posted in SCETV

New DANIEL TIGER'S NEIGHBORHOOD episodes premiere August 17-21. 

A week of all-new episodes kicks off Season 5 of DANIEL TIGER’S NEIGHBORHOOD. Follow Daniel and his friends on their adventures at school as they learn about substitute teachers, fire drills, naptime, patience and what to do when things don’t go as planned. 
“DANIEL TIGER’S NEIGHBORHOOD: Won’t You Sing Along with Me?”
Premieres and streams beginning Monday, August 17
This sing-along special helps address some of the challenges and changes preschoolers and families have been facing lately. When Daniel learns he can’t gather with all of his neighbors at the Neighborhood Carnival this year, it leads to lots of big feelings and questions, including what to do when he misses people he loves, how to keep himself and others healthy, and how to find ways to enjoy the extra time at home with his family. Young fans will revisit their favorite songs from the show in this timely and topical DANIEL TIGER’S NEIGHBORHOOD event.
“Daniel’s Substitute Teacher”
Premieres and streams Monday, August 17
Daniel is so excited for the Spring Sing at school today, but when he arrives, he discovers that Teacher Harriet is not there to teach the routine to the students. The class meets a substitute teacher named Mr. Malik. Daniel is hesitant at first, but learns that different can be fun, too.
“Prince Wednesday’s Accident/ Daniel and Miss Elaina’s Kite Accident”
Premieres and streams Tuesday, August 18
"Prince Wednesday’s Accident” - During a beach party at school, Prince Wednesday spills paint on his pants and the floor! He’s really upset, but telling Teacher Harriet what happened makes him feel so much better. Later, Daniel accidentally breaks someone else’s project, but he learns that accidents happen to everyone, and telling a grown-up about it is a good choice.
“Daniel and Miss Elaina’s Kite Accident” - Daniel is playing at Miss Elaina’s house when they accidentally break her dad’s old kite. They feel bad, but when they tell Music Man Stan what happened, he explains that accidents happen to everyone, even adults!
“Quiet Time at School/ Naptime in Blanket City”
Premieres and streams Wednesday, August 19
“Quiet Time at School” - It’s Quiet Time at school, but Daniel and Miss Elaina don’t want to stop playing with their trains. Teacher Harriet shows the kids the different ways they can settle down, like stretching, reading a book, or closing your eyes. After Quiet Time, Daniel and Miss Elaina are reenergized to continue playing trains, right where they left off.
“Naptime in Blanket City” - Daniel and Jodi make a pretend city out of all of the blankets in the Platypus house. When it’s nap time for Teddy and Leo, Jodi finds Leo’s missing blankie for him to snuggle—that’s what he needs to help him rest. Later, Daniel finds something to help him rest, too: cuddling with his favorite stuffie.
“The Fire Drill/ Daniel and Mom Go to the Market”
Premieres and streams Thursday, August 20
“The Fire Drill” - At school, Teacher Harriet shows the class what to do to stay safe during a fire drill. While Daniel and his friends are playing, the fire alarm starts to ring, and the class practices their fire drill, following Teacher Harriet’s instructions. The Neighborhood firefighters arrive to check on their classroom and teach the kids all about staying safe during an emergency.            
“Daniel and Mom Go to the Market” - Daniel and Mom Tiger are making a yummy breakfast at home when a mug falls and shatters. Daniel is about to help pick up the pieces, but his mom tells him to stop and listen to stay safe while she cleans up. When they go to the market afterwards, Daniel gets lost in one of the aisles. With the help of Prince Tuesday, he stops and listens, and Mom Tiger is able to find him.
“Daniel Waits with Dad/ Margaret’s New Shoes”
Premieres and streams Friday, August 21
“Daniel Waits with Dad” - Daniel is SO excited for the new “Tigey the Adventure Tiger” book to come out, but before he can get it, he has to go to Dr. Plat’s office with Dad Tiger. Waiting can be hard, but playing and imagining make the waiting go faster. Once they’re at the library, Daniel and Jodi pretend while they wait in line, and soon he gets to read the book with Dad.
“Margaret’s New Shoes” - Daniel is excited to play at the playground, but first they need to go to the store to get new shoes for Margaret. It can be very hard to wait, but Daniel learns to sing and imagine to pass the time. Soon it’s time to go the playground—playing made the waiting easier!

More New Episodes in August

Also in August, look for new episodes from the following shows:
  • LET’S GO LUNA! (August 10-13)
  • HERO ELEMENTARY (August 17-20)

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