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July 16, 2019 - Posted in SCETV by Ty Moody
Christine van Blokland
Create® TV's marathons consist of a full day of how-to programs focusing on a specific theme. Take a sneak peek at upcoming weekend marathons below. 

July 2019 Schedule  

Wondering Wanderer
July 20 & July 21 

Let’s go exploring around the world with Curious Traveler host, Christine van Blokland.  With factual information at her fingertips, we’ll take a deep dive into all that the tourist sites have to offer.  Your curiosity will be satisfied after touring with Christine.  

Beauty and the Beach
July 27 & July 28
There’s nothing better than a gorgeous beach in an exotic locale.  Take a dip in these blue lagoons across the globe amidst an unforgettable landscape: Greece, Australia, Tahiti and St. Vincent’s. Greg Aiello, Rudy Maxa, and Joseph Rosendo join you on this wet and wild trip!

August 2019 Schedule

Places in America to Love
August 3 & August 4 

We’re going on an excursion with Samantha Brown that will take us from sea to shining sea.  She’ll show us all the places in America to love from major metropolitans to coastal towns and quaint country villages.  We’ll be completely immersed by the culture and amazed at the beauty of our surroundings.  Let’s hit the road with Samantha!

Gone Fishin’
August 10 & August 11 

Find out the catch of the day from our favorite chefs when they offer their best fish recipes.  Chef Ellie Krieger, John Folse, Julie Taboulie, Jacques Pepin, and the ATK crew have tips and tricks to make the best fish dinner ever!  Not sure what to make for dinner?  Be sure to try one of these fish recipes - they won’t leave you floundering.

Cool Off
August 17 & August 18 

The heat wave is on and we’re ready to cool down.  Pack your winter gear because we’re on holiday to visit some of the coldest regions in the world.  Colleen Kelly will take you on unforgettable journey through Canada.  Artists Bob Ross and Roger & Sarah Bansemer get cool on canvas with paintings of snow covered landscapes.  This marathon will be chocked with enough fun that it will put you on ice until winter.  

Exotic Flavors
August 24 & August 25 

We’re making meals from Africa, Asia and the Middle East!  Your palette will be excited and you won’t have to leave your kitchen to indulge thanks to Christopher Kimball.  Use Christopher’s tried and true methods to infuse flavor into every bite.  We’re on a global food tour!

Last of the Summer Fun
August 31 & September 1 

The unofficial end to summer is upon us. Grill-master Steven Raichlen has fantastic tips just in time for your Labor Day barbecue.  The grill is fired up with succulent seafood, racks of ribs, and pork that’s just waiting to be pulled! This is next level barbecuing with new and wonderful flavors infused into your food.  Invite your friends and family over for the last of the summer fun!  

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