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September 16, 2019 - Posted in SCETV
Vivian Howard
Create® TV's marathons consist of a full day of how-to programs focusing on a specific theme. Take a sneak peek at upcoming weekend marathons below. 

September 2019 Schedule

Vivian’s Comfort Meals
September 21 & September 22 

Taste the down home, Southern flavor in every bite of Vivian Howard’s meals.  Her menu is so vast you are sure to find your favorite dish or discover a new favorite.  Vivian has everything from grits, to collard greens, to shrimp and peaches. Pull a chair up to the table, it’s time to eat!

Pati’s Food and Fiesta
September 28 & September 29 

We’re celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with Pati Jinich by bringing authentic Mexican cuisine into your kitchen. Family and friends will come together for good food and fun. You’ll be inspired by each meal Pati creates, from the traditional to modern flavors.

October 2019 Schedule

Where’s Rick Sebak?
October 5 & 6
Rick Sebak could be anywhere in America touring the sites and enjoying the best eats. This marathon takes us to Hawaii, Connecticut and Ohio for breakfast. Rick also heads to New Orleans and Houston to partake in their legendary sandwiches. Rick’s food tour is informative as well as tasty!
Viva Italia
October 12 & 13
We’re taking pride in all things Italian. The sites, the culture and of course the food. Milan, Tuscany and the Amalfi Coast are some of the places of interest that are on our travel itinerary. With Rick Steves and Kathy McCabe leading the tour we are certain to see all. Lidia Bastianich, Mary Ann Esposito and Nick Stellino are three chefs are committed to keeping the flavors of Italy alive. You’ll learn a trick or two from these legends. Viva Italia!
Autumn Comfort
October 19 & 20
The weather is beginning to get cooler, the leaves are changing colors and seasonal dishes are on the menu. Taste the goodness of P. Allen Smith’s pumpkin crème brulee and pumpkin stew. Vivian Howard’s harvest is bountiful and you can sample all of the flavors at her feast. Take a New England fall foliage tour and see all of the vibrant colors of the season. Settle into this gorgeous season, because Autumn has never tasted or looked so good!
Bob Ross Day
October 26 & 27
You know the afro. You know the canvas and palette. Now let’s celebrate Bob Ross, the man who created happy little clouds and happy little trees! Follow Bob’s calm, soothing and encouraging instructions and you’ll have your own masterpiece highlighting Bob’s love of nature, fall foliage, majestic mountains, superb sunsets and much more.
About the SC Channel

The South Carolina Channel is SCETV’s window to creative Carolina living, with an accent on home, hearth, and history. For dates and times for your favorite shows, check out the Create™ TV schedule.

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