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Author John Warley To Appear on By The River

November 7, 2018 - Posted in SCETV by Holly Bounds Jackson
John Warley

Author John Warley featured with the By The River production crew from USCB and host Holly Bounds Jackson

Dr. Caroline Sawyer

What exactly makes "a Southern girl"? Depending on where you grew up, the answer will likely differ. John Warley's book A Southern Girl is about the international adoption of his only daughter and the revelation of "subtle racism and exclusionary activities" that had played such a big role in his traditional southern upbringing. In his interview on By The River, Warley shares how his beloved late wife championed an idea of adopting a daughter from Korea. The process came with some heart-wrenching challenges and revelations, all of which Warley shares in his book.

Like many authors featured on By The River, Warley is a friend of the late Pat Conroy. They were classmates at The Citadel and baseball teammates, as well. Warley shares several memories of Conroy as a college student.  

Conroy said about Warley's book, “ stylish as a novel by John Irving and  as tightly written as one by John Grisham. I wish I'd written this book." 

By The River airs on Thursday at 8:00 p.m. on SCETV.

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