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SCETV's Dean Byrd Wins Education Award

October 30, 2015 - Posted in SCETV
Dean Byrd

Dean Byrd, Director of Education at SCETV, has been awarded the SC Association for Educational Technology’s “Making It Happen” award for his outstanding contribution to educational technology in South Carolina.

Byrd’s work at ETV brings educational content-on-demand to local home, public, and private schools with specialized internet services, such as StreamlineSC and PBS Learning Media.  His department also specializes in face-to-face and online teacher training, web and video production, streaming, and tailoring services to help educators facilitate the newest personalized and project-based learning approaches.

Before his career at ETV, he worked at Isothermal Community College, Spindale, NC for 12 years, as a Broadcast Production Technology instructor and distance Learning Director.  He was one of the initial creators of online curriculum in the NC Community College system.  He also created the popular NC public radio station WNCW 88.7FM whose music format won national programming awards.


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