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Old Town Farmers Market: Where Rock Hill Shops Local

August 9, 2018 - Posted in Palmetto Scene by Shannon Simmons

Homegrown fruits, vegetable, and meats are just some of the things you can find at the Old Town Farmers Market.  Originally starting as a Thursday evening event, the market has grown and partnered with local restaurant Legal Remedy Brewing to host more events. Sarah Key, City of Rock Hill event supervisor, shares that “this is our first year partnering with Legal Remedy for a spring market that’s gone so well, it’s moved into a summer market and now a fall market.”

General Manager of Legal Remedy, Mike Ramsey says that he enjoys taking part in the market because, “it gets us in front of people but it also gets Legal Remedy in front of farmers, and usually toward the end of the market, I go out and buy stuff that we use here from the farmers to finish out their day.” He includes the produce purchased in many of Legal Remedy’s recipes.

More people want to shop local, which explains the growth of the market. Key says, “I think that the shift is happening. People are definitely wanting to shop more and this allows them that access, where they might not normally shop local in Rock Hill.” 

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