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Student Mentor Urges Youth to 'Be All That They Can Be'

August 15, 2016 - Posted in Palmetto Scene by Kaisha Young

Robert Gordon understands the importance of having a solid support system while getting an education.  While he was still a student himself, Gordon led his fellow North Middle/High School classmates to ensure they had just that.

Since the eighth grade, Gordon acted as a stand-in assistant principal and dealt with the needs of the students at his school. His duties included organizing fundraisers, planning field trips, and monitoring the halls. Gordon also acted as a mentor for his peers. During his time at North, he bonded with several of the students and helped them with any personal problems they were going through.

“Anything that the students wanted or needed, I tried my best to get it for them. It wasn’t like I knew everything. I just knew who to ask,” says Gordon.  

This fall, Gordon will be attending Claflin University where he plans to study Religion. He hopes that despite his absence, the students at North Middle/High will continue striving. “My goal in life was to get my education and be all that I can be, and that’s what I urge kids to do," says Gordon.


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