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Road To Recovery

June 9, 2016 - Posted in Palmetto Scene by Sarah Stone
pothole that vehicle is about to hit

A bill aimed at temporarily fixing the lack of funding for South Carolina road repairs was signed into law yesterday by Nikki Haley.

This bill will alter state financing in order to allow the government to borrow $2.2 billion towards the repair of infrastructure affected by October’s flood, resulting in about $4 billion in the state budget to use towards repairs overall. Changes in the process of choosing highway commissioners and the secretary of transportation are also included in the bill.

Republican Representative Gary Simrill believes the bill could fund the repair of close to 400 roads and bridges. However, critics worry that this bill will result in cuts from funding to education and other causes.

Rockbridge Road reopened in Arcadia Lakes June 07, but a great deal of the roads that closed as a result of the flood still await repair. According to the South Carolina Department of Transportation, 13 roads remain closed in Richland County alone. All but two of these closures lack an expected reopening date.

To determine which South Carolina roads remain closed as well as their expected reopening dates, visit

To view a full text version of the bill, visit


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