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High Levels of Mercury Found in Several Fish

August 17, 2016 - Posted in Palmetto Scene by Aimee Crouch
bass fish

South Carolina has many bodies of water used for recreation activities and one of the most popular is fishing. But, for those who like to eat what they catch, be warned, a large quantity of some fish aren’t good for you. S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control released their annual state fish consumption advisory and several new locations and species were added to the list.

They include spotted and largemouth bass in Lake Keowee and spotted bass in Lake Hartwell. These fish have been added to the list due to mercury levels found in tissue samples. Suggestion for consumption of the bass found in Lake Hartwell is no more than one meal a month and no more than one a week from the bass found in Lake Keowee.

David Baize, chief of DHEC's Bureau of Water, said, "Fish caught in the state's waters are safe to eat, if people follow the fish consumption advisory guidelines. The advisory helps anglers know what amounts are healthy to eat, based on the location and species they are catching."

For a complete list, see this year’s Fish Consumption Advisory.



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