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An Interview with Lunch Money, the S.C. Indie Rock Band

October 17, 2013 - Posted in Palmetto Scene by Tabitha Safdi


The band Lunch Money is making waves with audiences everywhere with songs about dollhouses, balloons and pushing buttons. These audiences aren’t just pint-sized people either. Parents are finding this indie music fun, too.

“I love it when adults tell us, 'I find myself listening to your album even when my kids aren't around.' That’s the point,” says bass player, J.D. Stephens.

The Columbia, South Carolina-based band has songs in regular rotation on SiriusXM Radio, and the band has played venues and festivals around the United States.

NPR had this to say about Lunch Money: “One characteristic of interesting art is putting a new perspective on something familiar. That's why music for children often annoys adults — it covers familiar subjects in a routine manner. But Lunch Money's music is an exception to that rule.”

Members of the Lunch Money band include:

  • Singer/Guitarist - Molly Ledford 
  • Drums - Jay Barry
  • Bass - J.P. Stephens
  • Trombonist - Russell Ramirez

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