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Infrastructure Repairs Still Up for Debate

February 8, 2016 - Posted in News by K. Blackwell

The issue of crumbling roads and bridges throughout the state of S.C. has been a glaring issue for many years. The historic flooding that the state faced last October pushed the issue of how lawmakers plan to solve the problem to the forefront. The bill was passed by the House but has now seen opposition in the Senate. Everyone agrees the roads need repair, but no one can come up with a way to pay for the repairs.

Some Senators support the current bill that would raise the gas tax by 12 cents a gallon over the next several years. It also includes some income tax breaks and S.C. D.O.T. reform. But others oppose the increase in taxes, pointing to the surplus the general fund saw this year as a potential source of finances to fix the roads in need of repair.

Palmetto Scene talked to two lawmakers, one on each side of the issue, to get their thoughts on the roads bill, and what it means for you, if it is passed.


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