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The Hauntings of Oakwood Cemetery

October 31, 2019 - Posted in Local by Charles Dymock

What’s the most haunted place in South Carolina? Charleston is what usually comes to mind, but there may be a place overlooked by most located in the upstate. Spartanburg, South Carolina happens to be home to a graveyard with a reputation for its paranormal phenomenon. There have been reports ranging from people hearing the faint sound of children's laughter to seeing glowing orbs that float amidst the old tombstones. Not to mention, there's the famous legend of the "Woman in White" who haunts the cemetery enshrouded in pale mist. 

Siblings Anna Riley and Steven McBee, who are a part of a local paranormal group called, “True Light Paranormal,” claim to have some hard facts proving Oakwood Cemetery can go toe-to-toe with some of SC’s paranormal heavy-hitters. The cemetery, locally referred to as “Hell’s Gate,” was founded in the 1800s, says Riley.  “Oakwood’s been a staple in the Spartanburg community for a long time,” states McBee, “I’ve grown up knowing this place and it’s something that you see every day.”

Another local paranormal investigator, Laurie Fowler, also claims to have some evidence of Oakwood’s supernatural phenomenon.  She says, “I’ve caught a lot of paranormal activity in there [Oakwood], we’ve had all kinds of stuff happen.”  “I’ve had equipment go dead on me, cell phones don’t work, and I’ve caught orbs” states Fowler. 

Whether you choose to believe the data or not, you have to admit there’s something creepy going on in this old cemetery. Don’t get too worried if you ever find yourself at Oakwood though. McBee says, “In my opinion, I do not think the spirits are evil – I just think they’re there.”

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