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Charleston Community Leaders Institute | Climate Change: A Local Focus

November 9, 2017 - Posted in Local by Don Godish

MUSC's Public Information and Community Outreach Group convened four Community Leaders Institutes in Charleston, Myrtle Beach, Beaufort and Savannah. The following is the discussion from Charleston, S.C.

Each institute included a panel of local experts who spoke to the issues and impacts of Climate Change from a uniquely local perspective. Open to the public, these panel discussions presented diverse opinions and perspectives on key issues, such as sea level rise, health impacts, economic issues, education, overall climate change and community engagement.

The panels took questions from the audience, who were actively engaged throughout the presentations. Part of the event included screening the SCETV production "Climate Change: A Global Reality" hosted by CNN's John King. The program set up many of the topics discussed at each Community Leaders Institute and helped to stimulate an active dialogue.

SCETV has further explored how climate change is currently affecting the southeastern coast of the United States in the new documentary Sea Change. To see the complete program, tune in to Sea Change on SCETV for the premiere, Nov. 15 at 7:00 p.m. Narrator Patrick McMillan takes viewers from the sands of Hunting Island State Park to other communities along the coast, looking at immediate and long-term impacts and the efforts made to withstand nature’s onslaught.

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