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Through a Hurricane: Pee Dee Hospital Provides Avenue for Care

April 12, 2019 - Posted in Health by Julia Shillinglaw

During Hurricane Florence, one family in Marion, S.C. was experiencing a medical crisis. Stacy Wilbanks and her husband had been waiting for the arrival of the hurricane when their son Griffin came down that morning with a rash covering part of his face. It had previously been just a pimple, but had become infected over time. 

Stacy realized her son needed medical care, but was unable to get him to a doctor because the roads were flooded. Stacy remembered that one of her coworkers had sent her a message about a McLeod virtual healthcare app. She decided to try out the app and was very quickly in touch with a McLeod physician. 

Stacy said that Griffin's condition was diagnosed in a matter of minutes. They were able to call in his prescription, and it didn't take long after that for Griffin's face to heal. Dr. Bryon Frost said that had Griffin not been treated, he could have experienced more long-term problems. 

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