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Telehealth Brings Comfort and “Peace of Mind” to Family in Johnsonville, SC

October 20, 2016 - Posted in Health by Marina Ziehe

Kim Coker, a native of Johnsonville, S.C., recalls the numerous times she had to take her son Jacob to the psychiatrist in Charleston, S.C. A one-way travel time of about two hours and a half to Charleston was tough. The time spent traveling was not the only issue. Her son Jacob, a 15-year-old boy, has autism and Fragile X Syndrome. Jacob finds sudden loud noises unpleasant, which is a symptom of his condition. The whirl and turmoil of a big city, such as Charleston, was not favorable or ideal for his treatment. Through a posting on Facebook, Kim discovered a new form of treatment offered at Hope Health, a community health center located forty minutes from her home. Telehealth allows them to speak with the psychiatrist they were seeing in Charleston in a more convenient and efficient way. The ability to connect via video with a medical professional brought back tranquility and serenity to the family.

“It is a blessing,” Kim says.



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