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EOC Releases Analysis of 2019 KRA Results

August 31, 2020 - Posted in Education by Bette Jamison
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This summer, the Education Oversight Committee (EOC) released a report on the 2019 Kindergarten Readiness Assessment (KRA) administration:

  • At the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year, the KRA was administered to 55,694 kindergartners across South Carolina.
  • Statewide, about 39% of the children were at the KRA Demonstrating Readiness level in the Fall of 2019, an increase over the 37% of children at the KRA Demonstrating Readiness level in the Fall of 2018.


To read a brief on the results of the report, click here.


To read the full report, click here.


For information, contact Dana Yow, SC Education Oversight Committee (EOC), at 803-734-6148.



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