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LearningWhy – FREE Project-Based Lessons at your fingertips

August 29, 2019 - Posted in Education by Sharla Brown
Home page of South Carolina ETV's LearningWhy website


Teachers, ETV Education invites you to explore LearningWhy to help plan one-to-one, project-based and regular lessons for your classroom.

Search by standard or grade level to find lessons, media resources and handouts to engage your students.

We are also looking for teachers to assist us in writing lesson plans.


Create your personal account to ETV’s innovative LearningWhy lesson plan service!

ALL SC educators – public, private, charter, virtual, homeschool – may set up a FREE account for access.

Your personal account will also allow access to the secure resources in the “ETV StreamlineSC Collection” available on These secure resources have rights ONLY for our SC educators to use with their students.

In the secure section of (the lock icon indicates you may only access with your LW account), you’ll find programs and series ETV produced as well as resources from national distributors. These include: Scholastic Children’s Stories, Foreign Language Scholastic Series, Scholastic American History Series, Cursive Handwriting, Letter TV, Club Write, Tick Tock Minutes, Standard Deviants TV, Mia’s Music, Posie Paints, Gettysburg: The Soldier’s Battle, America At Its Best, plus much more!


Create your free account NOW:                                                        

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