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Greenwood Genetics Center Junior Genetics Scholars Camp

September 3, 2019 - Posted in Education by Dynestee Fields


Each year, the Greenwood Genetics Center hosts the Junior Genetics Scholars Camp, inviting twenty-four 10th through 12th grade students to its campus. This summer camp, which takes place during one, five-day week in July, explores topics such as basic laboratory techniques, human variation, global health and the environmental impact on human disease, gene structures, animals as model organisms, and careers in the life sciences.

In addition to the Junior Genetics Scholars Camp, the Center also operates the Mobile Science Laboratory Program. This program consists of two vehicles, the Gene Machine and the Helix Express, which allow the Center to bring its educational program to middle schools and high schools at no charge. The Gene Machine functions as a mobile science laboratory equipped with “microcentrifuges, thermocyclers, gel electrophoresis apparatus, micropipettes, vortexes, water baths, magnetic heaters and electronic balances,” as well as an automatic wheelchair lift that is ADA approved, the ability to accommodate twenty-four students, and safety equipment. The Helix Express, a much smaller cargo van, transports additional equipment to the classroom, allowing instructors to serve larger class sizes. 

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