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ETV Program Highlights for March 2019

March 4, 2019 - Posted in Education by Jonathan Faulk
Photo from Anne Morgan's War (APT and South Carolina ETV)

Image from Anne Morgan's War

March provides a wide array of interesting programs for teachers and students!  Curious George Swings into Spring and the new Sesame Street: The Magical Wand Chase! Don’t miss ETV’s Carolina Classrooms: Applying for College March 27, 7:00 - 8:00 pm and check out Anne Morgan’s War about WWI as well as the repeat of Women, War & Peace and much more … all on your SCETV!

To view the full TV schedule, visit


SCETV PBS Kids Channel Available on the SCETV App

The SCETV PBS Kids channel (24/7 online) is available on the SCETV App, providing 24-hour access to the SCETV PBS Kids Live stream. With videos and games at your fingertips, kids can take all of the PBS educational shows wherever they go.

*Download the SCETV App from the iTunes App Store or the Android store.



In March PBS KIDS focuses on world cultures and global citizenship.

Let’s Go Luna!                               Airs at 9 AM and 2:30 PM on SCETV

Ready Jet Go!                               Airs at 7 AM on SCETV

Sesame Street (March 18)        Airs at 11 AM and 1 PM on SCETV



Curious George Swings into Spring        Airs at 8:30 AM on SCETV

Check out this special with Curious George on March 18 and 20!


Sesame Street: The Magical Wand Chase      Airs at 11 AM and 1 PM on SCETV

This special premieres March 25 on SCETV! In the one-hour special, Abby and her friends go on a hot air balloon adventure to retrieve Abby’s lost wand, visiting new neighborhoods and discovering new foods, music and languages.  In addition to airing twice on March 25, the special will air twice on March 27 and 29, and once on March 31.


What’s Big in March?

POV “306 Hollywood”

Monday, March 18, 9:00 PM

Take a magical journey to the house at 306 Hollywood Avenue. After its owner dies, her two grandchildren begin an epic excavation of her belongings. Lip-synced conversations and dramatic animations come to life in this magical realist documentary.


Women, War & Peace, Season 2

Monday & Tuesday, March 25 & 26, 9:00 PM & 10:00 PM

This four-part series spotlights women who are asserting and defending their human rights from Tahrir Square to Mumbai, Belfast to Bangladesh, the shantytowns of Port au Prince to the fraternities of American college campuses. The series places women at the center of an urgent dialogue about freedom, security and essential human values, and demonstrates that achieving and maintaining peace goes hand in hand with equality between men and women.


Great Performances “Julius Caesar”

Friday, March 29, 9:00 PM

Experience Shakespeare as never before in an all-female production from the Donamr Warehouse set in prison.


Call the Midwife, Season 8

Sundays, March 31 – May 19, 8:00 PM

Series: This moving, intimate, funny and true-to-life series, based on the best-selling memoirs of the late Jennifer Worth, tells colorful stories of midwifery and families in London's East End in the 1950s. Jenny Lee, a young woman raised in the wealthy English countryside, has chosen to become a nurse and now, as a newly qualified midwife, has gone to work in the poorest area of the city. Attached to an order of nursing nuns at Nonnatus House, Jenny is part of a team of women who minister to expectant mothers, many of whom give birth at home in appalling conditions. The drama follows Jenny as she meets her patients and learns to love the people who live in the East End.


Mrs. Wilson on Masterpiece

Sundays, March 31 & April 7, 9:00 PM

Series: Meet Alison Wilson, a recent widow who discovers her spy novelist husband lived a double life. Determined to uncover the truth about the man she loved, she soon finds herself at the center of a mystery that proves truth can be stranger than fiction.


Local Interest Programming         *denotes premiere

Palmetto Scene – Thursdays at 7:30pm and Sundays at 1:00pm on SCETV

SCETV’s weekly magazine-style series airs each Thursday at 7:30pm on SCETV and focuses on SC arts and culture, business and economy, education, health, politics, and technology. ETV’s Beryl Dakers, a professional with over 30 years in the broadcasting field, is the host of this signature series! The programs repeat the following Sunday at 1:00pm on SCETV.

(PRE-EMPTED March 7 and March 14)

3/21 – Topics include: Smart Cities, Woodrow Wilson House, and Brookgreen Slave Gardens

3/28 – Topics include: South Carolina Artists

For all air dates, please visit the ETV schedule page:

In addition to viewing the broadcast programs, you are invited to access the Palmetto Scene program segments archived online in streaming format. Visit


This Week in South Carolina – Fridays at 7:30pm on SCETV and repeats Sundays at 11:30am

This SCETV public affairs series features interviews with the newsmakers and policymakers of the week and is hosted by Gavin Jackson, ETV’s news/public affairs reporter who provides video legislative recaps from the State House when in session. 

Repeats: Tuesdays at 6:00pm on ETV World (ETVW)

                 Thursdays at 8:30pm on SCC

                 Fridays (the Friday after original broadcast) at 5:00pm on ETV World (ETVW)


3/21      8:00pm             Anne Morgan’s War *SCETV presents* + repeat on 3/31 at 6pm

American heiress Anne Morgan helped rebuild Picardy, a region in northern France, after World War I. From 1917-1924, a team of approximately 350 American women, appalled by news of wartime destruction, left comfortable lives at home to volunteer in the devastated regions of France. ANNE MORGAN'S WAR chronicles how American heiress Anne Morgan poured both her own fortune and the fruits of intense fundraising into rebuilding Picardy, a region in northern France which had been devastated by the Great War. Utilizing film and photographs from Anne's rich archive, and letters written by the volunteers, ANNE MORGAN'S WAR brings to life the adventures of these real-life heroines and provides an up-close and personal view of the post-WWI period. It also demonstrates one of the early instances of volunteer humanitarian aid in rebuilding after a disastrous war - in an effort completely managed by women.


3/24      4:00pm              Carolina Stories: Georgia O’Keeffe: A Woman on Paper

Georgia O'Keeffe was an instructor at South Carolina's Columbia College in the fall of 1915 and spring of 1916, where she created the innovative charcoal drawings that would define and establish her career as one of America's leading artists. This special celebrates the centennial of O'Keeffe's Columbia sojourn.


3/24      6:00pm               World of Julia Peterkin

The World of Julia Peterkin chronicles the controversial life of author Julia Peterkin, Pulitzer Prize winner for her sensitive portrayal of rural African Americans of the 1920's. Hailed by W.E.B. Du Bois for her "eye and ear to see beauty and hear truth," this white plantation mistress shattered stereotypes of race and gender before she inexplicably stopped writing at the height of her career. This is an SCETV National Program.


3/27      7:00pm                Carolina Classrooms: Applying for College*

The hour-long special will feature a panel discussion with the Commission on Higher Education and admissions representatives from South Carolina colleges and universities. They will discuss the college application process and offer advice to high school students.


3/31      3:30pm                Marian McPartland: First Lady of Jazz

British pianist enamored of jazz becomes beloved NPR radio host whose weekly interviews and duets chronicle decades of contemporary jazz. Marian McPartland began a long, illustrious career in the 1930s, delighting audiences with her artistry in clubs and concert halls around the globe and on scores of recordings. She is well known as the lively host of Marian McPartland's Piano Jazz, the popular Peabody Award-winning National Public Radio series produced by SCETV Radio, and enjoyed by millions of listeners for more than 30 years. In her vocation, Marian has mentored countless musicians, spearheaded efforts in jazz education, and served as one of the most effective ambassadors of jazz the world has ever known. Marian McPartland's contributions to jazz are unfathomable. From her beginnings as an obscure English piano player, not only did she master the art, but she took jazz to new heights and became its biggest advocate. Marian is recognized worldwide for her knowledge and skills in presenting one of America's greatest art forms to anyone who listens.


3/31      4:00pm            Carolina Stories: Modjeska Simkins: Makin’ A Way Out of No Way

This classic program, produced by ETV’s Beryl Dakers,  profiles South Carolina civil rights matriarch and human rights activist, Modjeska Monteith Simkins (1899-1992).


Friday Night Arts Programming    *denotes premiere


3/22      9:00pm            Great Performances: Birgit Nilsson: A League of Her Own*

Celebrate the life of Swedish soprano Birgit Nilsson, the face of opera in the 1950s-70s. This performance-documentary showcases her greatest roles, including Elektra and The Ring Cycle, in rare footage, plus interviews with Placido Domingo and more.


3/29      9:00pm            Great Performances: Julius Caesar*

Experience Shakespeare as never before in an all-female production from the Donamr Warehouse set in prison.



PBS Programming       *denotes premiere

3/21      9:00pm                Jamestown*#201 series 2

Jamestown's first baby brings joy to the settlement but the discovery of a terrible crime throws suspicion upon all inhabitants. When Jocelyn's position in the colony comes under threat, she forges a surprising new connection.


3/24      7:00pm             You are Cordially Invited (2 episodes)

The series YOU ARE CORDIALLY INVITED extends an engraved invitation to viewers, welcoming them as guests in impressive privately owned estates containing distinguished collections of artwork, furniture and other design elements. Host Holly Holden explores these extraordinary houses first-hand, strolling through the gardens, walking the halls, and viewing the details that make each house so inviting and timeless. Holly colorfully illuminates the most interesting aspects of each house, drawing on more than 25 years of experience as a professional designer of classic, high-end interiors. Selecting examples within each house, she demonstrates fundamental aspects of classic interior design while sharing her personal secrets for creating rooms of distinction.


3/24      8:00pm               Prince Charles at 70*

For show description, visit


3/24      9:00pm               King Charles II On Mastepiece ®

The hit Broadway show "King Charles III" is adapted for television. A 2016 Tony nominee for Best Play, the drama imagines Prince Charles' ascension to the throne following Queen Elizabeth's death.


3/25      9:00pm                Women, War & Peace – Season 2, Part 1

Discover the story of the Catholic and Protestant women who come together during Northern Ireland's bloody civil war and fight to ensure that human rights, equality and inclusion shape the historic Good Friday Agreement peace deal.


3/25      10:00pm              Women, War & Peace – Season 2, Part 2

Follow three Egyptian women as they put their lives and bodies on the line fighting for justice and freedom. The film tells the story of Egypt's Arab Spring, the human rights abuses that came to define it and the women willing to risk everything.


3/26      9:00pm                Women, War & Peace – Season 2, Part 3

Discover the story of a courageous, nonviolent women's movement that formed the heart of the Palestinian struggle for freedom during the 1987 uprising. One woman must make a choice between love, family and freedom. Undaunted, she embraces all three.


3/26      10:00pm              Women, War & Peace – Season 2, Part 4

Embark on a risky yearlong U.N. peacekeeping mission into earthquake-ravaged Haiti with an all-female Bangladeshi police unit. Leaving their families behind, these police officers shatter stereotypes as they rise in the name of building peace.


3/27      10:00pm                Secrets of the Dead: King Arthur’s Britain*

Uncover new archaeological evidence at Tintagel that suggests the legend of King Arthur started in a prosperous and sophisticated trading village in 5th-century Britain following the departure of the Romans.


3/28      8:00pm                  Women’s List: American Masters

Meet 15 women who define contemporary American culture in Timothy Greenfield-Sanders' new "List" film featuring Madeleine Albright, Margaret Cho, Edie Falco, Betsey Johnson, Alicia Keys, Nancy Pelosi, Rosie Perez, Wendy Williams and more.


3/28      9:00pm                  Jamestown*

The Rutters embark on a money-making adventure with brutal consequences. Pedro plans for advancement but needs Jocelyn's help. The Sharrows look for a way out of a compromising situation which Alice accidentally makes worse.


3/28      10:00pm                 Modus from Walter Presents 102*

Meet Detective Ingvar Nyman, who's dispatched to Uppsala to investigate Bishop Elisabeth Lindgren's Christmas Eve murder. TV chef Isabella Levin's partner frantically tries to track her down. Stina remains haunted by what she witnessed.


3/31      7:00pm                  Me, Dorothy... and the Road to Oz

Me, Dorothy...and This Road to Oz is an unprecedented immersive trip down the yellow brick road with the Kansas City Ballet as the cast and crew prepare for the world premiere of "The Wizard of Oz." Audiences will follow composers, choreographers, costume builders, set designers and dancers from first read through the final bow and beyond using multi-platform and multi-media storytelling that will engage and enthrall people of all ages. Kansas City PBS' "Me, Dorothy...and This Road to Oz" will have unfettered access to show the process of creating a brand new ballet from a timeless classic, as well as to celebrate an iconic Kansas City arts organization commemorating 60 years of excellence.


3/31      8:00pm                  Call the Midwife – Season 8, Episode 1*

Episode 1: Join Nonnatus House in welcoming two new nuns. Valerie deals with an unexpected and shocking case. The other midwives must handle a complicated multiple birth.


3/31      9:00pm                   Mrs. Wilson on Masterpiece

Episode 1: Alec and Alison Wilson marry after meeting in the secret service during World War II. Two decades later, spy novelist Alec dies, and his real story begins to emerge. Alison tracks down his former partner, who was also deceived by Alec's charms.



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