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Winter Break: Bake Cookies or Grow Your Teaching Skills?

December 31, 2018 - Posted in Education by K. Finger
Image of holiday cookie baking supplies

Break-out your baking pans because you don't have to choose! With a 'mini' pd course from PBS Teachers, you'll have plenty of time left over for baking cookies, visiting family, and whatever else keeps you busy over the holidays. 

These self-paced courses can help you grow content knowledge, spark new ideas, and re-charge for the remainder of the school year. Some are even free!

Sample courses offered:

  • LEAD1103: Positive Behavior in Schools III: Bullying Prevention
  • LEAD1137: GED® Test Info: Science
  • LEAD1151: Formative Assessment in Practice: Administration and Leadership
  • LEAD1161: Formative Assessment in Practice: Secondary Classrooms
  • TECH1201: Promoting Digital Literacy and Citizenship in Your Classroom
  • TECH1211: Blended Learning and Flipped Classroom 101
  • TECH1221: Digital Storytelling: Online Tools for Sharing Student Voices
  • MATH1011: Fostering Mathematical Reasoning Skills
  • MATH1015: Promoting Mathematical Representation Skills
  • SCIE1302: Science Teaching Strategies for Center-Based Preschool Educators
  • SCIE1309: K-2 Science Tips: Energy & Motion

View them all and learn more at

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p.s. Happy baking!

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