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Where's Magic School Bus? SC Educators: Access SCETV’s FREE, Quality Multimedia

May 26, 2018 - Posted in Education by Bette Jamison
Shot of Magic School Bus with students getting ready to board


Where’s Magic School Bus?

SC Educators: Access SCETV’s FREE, Quality Multimedia    

SC teachers have access to a selection of Magic School Bus programs available through a partnership with the State Library! This favorite for young students and other programs from national producers are available in “ETV StreamlineSC Collection.”

For the last year, you may have been accessing these Magic School Bus programs in PBS LearningMedia. After June 30, 2018, this selection of MSB programs will no longer be available in PBS LearningMedia. However, the programs will remain accessible in “ETV StreamlineSC Collection.”

The rights for these Magic School Bus programs and other special programs are only for our South Carolina teachers.

To access these resources our SC educators must create a free LearningWhy account.

  • Your LearningWhy account provides access to the secure resources, including Magic School Bus, Baker’s Dozen, Scholastic History and Foreign Language book series, Facts of Congress, America At Its Best, and the Gettysburg series.
  • The “lock” icon you see on each program indicates secure so you must have a LearningWhy account to access. 
  • And … your LearningWhy account gives you access to ETV’s new LearningWhy complete lesson plan service! One log-in … to the secure assets in AND LearningWhy!

What is LearningWhy?

SCETV’s innovative LearningWhy offers complete Pre-K-12 project-based, one-to-one and traditional classroom lessons, all vetted and editable. Designed to promote student achievement and meet the needs of our SC educators, this new, free service is available to ALL South Carolina educators - public, private, charter, virtual, and home schools.

Create your free account NOW:

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