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SCETV PBS LearningMedia - Giving Our Two Cents on Financial Responsibility

May 21, 2018 - Posted in Education by Mimi Wortham-Brown
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Summer jobs are around the corner - what do your students know about finances and money management?

Does your school teach students about personal finance? We've got a few resources you can bank on to teach these all-important skills! Use videos from PBS Digital Studio's new show Two Cents to kickstart an important conversation on topics including debt, part time jobs, grocery shopping, and your students' roles in the global economy. Explore Collection


Taxes--Where Does Your Money Go?
Grades: 9-13+

Summer jobs are just around the corner for many students, and questions about taxes will inevitably come up as many young earners receive their first paycheck: Why does the government tax citizens? Where does that money go and how much does each citizen pay in taxes? Explore all this and more in this lesson plan. Discover More


Estimating a Profit from a Job
Grades: 5-8

Estimation and rounding are practices adults use every day when making purchases. Help students explore these principals in this lesson plan. Discover More


Arthur: Money Math Activity
Grades: PreK-4

From lemonade stands to saving money from a birthday card, financial literacy starts young! Introduce young students to the value of different coins with sorting and math activities. Discover More


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