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Educators: 2018-19 ETV Education Services Just for You!

August 20, 2018 - Posted in Education by Bette Jamison
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SCETV is proud to be your network. We love working with you - our valued core of education professionals throughout the state and with our education partners - to serve the Pre-K-12 children of South Carolina!  ETV Education is YOUR partner, communicating events and telling your success with blogs, newsletters, and feature programs

Please take a few minutes as we start the new school year to learn about the education services that are designed for you, our valued teachers! And, we invite you to regularly visit our ETV Education page for information and links to content and professional development opportunities.  

SC educators have access to a variety of FREE multimedia through SCETV!

  • In, you’ll find the rich programs that SCETV produced and national programs with rights for SC schools to use also housed in the “ETV StreamlineSC Collection.” A selection of Magic School Bus is even included through a partnership with the State Library! Access to most of the resources in is password free, but to access the secure national and some ETV-produced programs , including Magic School Bus, Baker’s Dozen, Scholastic Children’s Stories, America at Its Best, etc. (“lock” icon indicates secure), SC educators must create their FREE LearningWhy account that will give access to ETV’s secure assets in and to the complete lesson plans in the new LearningWhy lesson plan service.
  • LearningWhy is ETV Education’s newest service designed to promote student achievement and meet the needs of our SC educators! Available to all SC educators – public, private, charter, virtual and home schools - LearningWhy provides complete Pre-K-12 lessons for one-to-one environments, project-based learning and traditional classroom settings. These innovative lessons from a variety of sources are vetted and editable:

Create your free account NOW:

One log-in for both services!


In addition, SC educators have access to South Carolina’s PBS LearningMedia!

This is your resource for a wide variety of national content, including many valuable PBS programs and series for educational use. Set up your free account now!


ETV Education is committed to serving you by providing technology training and a wide variety of professional development to meet the needs of our SC educators:

  • How about technology training? You tell us our trainers are the best. Make plans NOW to invite them to your school or district! Face-to-face, online, or blended training as you want it, whenever you want it, answering your needs, for your solutions.


Stay Connected!

  • SCETV Education has a Facebook page! Visit SCETV Education to like our page and get updates on PD training and courses, Carolina Classrooms episodes, plus classroom resources!
  • Sign up to receive the ETV Education online newsletter! The ed-news bulletin is emailed 10 times a year to provide key information on new SCETV Education services, free tech training, renewal/graduate courses, and SCETV/PBS programming. Go to - look at bottom of page. Click “Education Newsletter.” 


Coming up!

  • SCETV is partnering with the Children’s Fine and Performing Arts Foundation and Sesame Street to assist with Autism Day August 12 at the Charleston River Dogs Stadium. Julia from Sesame Street will be there, too! Watch the ETV Education blog for more information.
  • Special event in September for The Great America Read campaign that explores the joy of reading! More to come in the next edition of the ed-news!
  • Carolina Classrooms: Making College Affordable - This edition of ETV’s education series will provide information that is timely for students seeking financial assistance for the 2019-20 school year. Financial aid professionals from around the state will explain the various types of aid available and offer their advice to students on how and when to apply. Plan to watch September 26 at 7 p.m. on SCETV.


We want to serve you!  Questions or concerns … please contact us:

800-277-3245 (toll free)   803-737-3245 (local)




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