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Earn Credit with ETV Teacher Recertification Courses

May 3, 2018 - Posted in Education by Bette Jamison
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ETV Teacher Recertification offers South Carolina teachers a variety of online, self-paced courses approved by the SC Department of Education for 20 renewal credits each. Courses available in many content areas and THREE NEW courses added!


ETV Teacher Recertification Courses

  • Approved for 20 renewal credits each by SC Department of Education (NO graduate credit)
  • 50+ courses: ELA, Science, Social Studies, The Arts, Career Ed, Environmental Ed, & more!
  • THREE NEW courses added!  See descriptions below.
  • Online; self-paced (work from anywhere 24/7; start when session opens/complete END date)
  • Enroll in one to six courses per session (each course takes at least 15 hours to complete)
  • Cost: $75 per course
  • Register online and pay online by credit card or send check

Approximate Session Periods

  • Winter:  Mid-January - Early March
  • Spring (shorter sessions to provide more opportunity to earn credit before end of SDE renewal cycle)
    •  I:  Mid-March - Early May
    • II:  Early Mid-May - Mid-June
  • Summer:  Early July - Mid/Late August
  • Fall:  Early October - Early December

NEW ETV Teacher Recertification Courses 

Connecting with Literacy Through Storytelling (20 renewal credits)

Storytelling should be part of a student’s educational experience because it is a literacy activity, a listening activity and a means of appreciating cultural diversity! In this course, renowned storytellers from across our nation share selections of stories from folk tales to animal tales to their own creations. Interviewed by SCETV, the tellers share information on the storytelling process and provide useful tips. And, they each demonstrate good storytelling techniques that both teachers and students can emulate. (Recommended for teachers of all grade levels)


Between the Waters: History Across the Curriculum at Hobcaw Barony, Series I (20 renewal credits)

This innovative course provides engaging ways to integrate history using SCETV’s immersive website Between the Waters.  Series I walks participants through the site, guiding an exploration of Hobcaw Barony’s history from Native American life through slavery, Reconstruction and both World Wars by examining focus sites on topics including food, hunting, sports, architecture, religion, art, and nature. Interviews with well-known scholars, archival film and photographs, nature footage, and classroom lesson plans provide a picture of the Baruch family’s Hobcaw retreat near Georgetown that is a South Carolina treasure. (Recommended for teachers of grades 3-12)


*Teaching and Learning in Carolina Classrooms, Series I (20 renewal credits)

Teaching and learning today is much more than the traditional lecture-based classroom, face-to-face interaction. Teachers are the facilitators of learning and must be learners themselves. The ETV/PBS programs in this course share messages of courage in education – to take risks, to advocate, to lead, and to share ideas. From looking at teacher training and retention to digital literacy and education options, from experiencing a year in schools in a struggling community to examining college/career readiness for all students, these programs allow us to learn from education leaders, students and teachers, and parents and community partners who work to make a difference in our SC classrooms. (Recommended for teachers of all grade levels)

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Questions or assistance in registering: 1-888-761-8132 / 1-800-277-3245 OR 803-737-9915 / 737-3245


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