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Earn Certificate Renewal Credit! FREE Public School Choice Conference!

January 8, 2018 - Posted in Education by Bette Jamison
Transforming Public School Choice Conference graphic

Start the new year with an exciting professional development opportunity. The Transforming Public School Choice Conference will be held, January 25, 2018, at the Richland Two Institute of Innovation in Columbia, South Carolina. Attendees will benefit from breakout sessions focused on public school choice options to include; magnet, charter, Montessori, personalized learning, and virtual education programs. This event is eligible for certificate renewal credit. Register Today!

Micah Wixom

Policy Analyst

Education Commission of the States


Stephen Hefner, Ed.D.


Lexington-Richland Five School District


Professional Learning:

Breakout Session 1

Time: 10:45a.m.-11:45a.m.


Magnet Trifecta

Creating strategic partnerships with national, state and local leaders can advance magnet schools as a vital component in the landscape of school choice. Learn how one school district is leveraging these partnerships to help sustain its programs.


Think Big, Think Boldly, Think Beyond

The focus of this session will be transforming education through specialization and choice that ultimately provides the opportunity for students to advance while in school, graduate on time, and be competitive in their local communities, as well as globally. This session will highlight proven strategies that work to transform school culture, student achievement, and the local community.


Montessori-Success for ALL Students

Learn about Montessori education as a personalized learning approach with successful results for all students in South Carolina. Hear an overview of what defines Montessori education, information on Montessori public school sites, and celebrations and challenges of Montessori in public schools.



Find out how the VirtualSC Franchise Program allows districts to expand their course offering, helps resolve teacher shortage issues, and provides students with flexible learning opportunities. Through the franchise program, VirtualSC helps districts set up their own virtual program that best suits their specific district's needs.


Personalized Learning in South Carolina

Hear more about what the South Carolina Department of Education is doing to support and encourage personalized learning. You will learn about best practices in use across the State and what you can do to launch or expand personalized learning in your school and district.


ESSA Update, School Choice, and the Law

Get an Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) update regarding the State Plan, including accountability, and an overview of some of the issues the Office of General Counsel encounters regarding student enrollment, transfers, suspensions and expulsions as it deals with school choice.


Breakout Session 2

Time: 1:45p.m.-2:45p.m.


Maximizing Parental Involvement to Increase Education Experiences

Many teachers and school administrators will argue that getting parents involved in schools is one of the primary challenges. Participants will discuss parent engagement and think critically about the role of parents in schools. In turn they will explore new strategies for motivating parents to become more involved in their children's schools.


Moving from Dreams to Realities Screaming the Magnet School Theme

How do you create a school climate and culture of change and positiveness? Has your enrollment take a turn on the downside? Do you want your students to have more choice? Come learn how one "tiny but mighty" school district is transforming into a premier district of choice one school campus at a time. Turn your dreams into realities!


"Choice" in Charleston: Origins, Operations, Outcomes

Learn about the growth and development of School Choice in the 1980s, implications of the Educational Improvement Act of 1992 on School Choice, 2000's expansion of Choice Options in the Charleston County School District, positive outcomes, and challenges faced.


Road Trip to a School-Wide Magnet

Workshop presenters will navigate becoming Ridge View Magnet School for Arts and Sciences, a STEAM-M magnet. They will share bumps in the road and wonderful discoveries. Participants will learn about the brainstorming, partnership development, and community buy-in that took place.


Immersion Best Practices

Come learn best practices and successes with others interested in immersion programs in the state. Blythe Academy of Languages in Greenville is South Carolina's first elementary immersion school. Blythe has grown from a school of 300+ to 900+ students since beginning immersion programs in French and Spanish.


Personalized Learning in a Public School-The Montessori Way

In this session, you will learn the successes and challenges of teaching Montessori in a public school setting. School leaders will focus on the importance of individualized instruction; how state standards align with the Montessori scope and sequence; and the benefits of the Montessori philosophy.



We hope you'll join us to celebrate National School Choice Week!

South Carolina Department of Education | 1429 Senate Street, Columbia, SC 29201


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