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How the South Carolina Film Industry Stays Relevant Against Stiff Competition

July 10, 2019 - Posted in SC Public Radio by Connor Boulet
S.C. Film Commission logo

The film industry provides much needed economic impact for South Carolina, netting $61 million in revenue for the state in 2018. The revenue is generated through the South Carolina Film Commission, which provides a $15 million dollar annual subsidy to filmmakers. The...

"P" is for Potter’s Raid (April 5-21, 1865)

July 10, 2019 - Posted in SC Public Radio by Alfred Turner
South Carolina From A to Z

Credit SC Public Radio "P" is for Potter’s Raid (April 5-21, 1865). General Edward E. Potter’s raid into the lowcountry and central South Carolina was neither massive nor particularly crucial to Union victory. In March 1865, while the rest of Sherman’s army marched into...

Eastern Dobsonfly

July 10, 2019 - Posted in SC Public Radio by Alfred Turner
A male Dobsonfly.

The male Dobsonfly has large mandibles used to grip the female during mating.

Jazz Musicians in Demand

July 10, 2019 - Posted in SC Public Radio by Alfred Turner
Mark Rapp

Mark Rapp Credit Mike Switzer/SC Public Radio I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but jazz is making a comeback in popularity not only across the country but here in our state, as well. Which means that jazz musicians are also becoming more in demand, which is leading to the...

2018-2019 ETV Education Highlights and PD Redesign

July 10, 2019 - Posted in Education by Stephanie Frazier
ETV Education logo

Congratulations on making it to the end of another school year! From participation in our recertification courses and trainings , to completion of the annual educator survey (winners announced June 3), we are thankful for your support.

Made Here | Ceramics - and More!

July 9, 2019 - Posted in Digital by RoseCatherine James
Ceramics and More studio

Ceramics and More is a family-owned and operated walk-in studio offering ceramics, canvases, and clay hand building. The business was previously owned by Jennifer Elkins’ in-laws, before they passed it down to her family in 2017. Ceramics and More offers something for...

South Carolina Moonwalker Recalls Historic Apollo Missions

July 9, 2019 - Posted in SC Public Radio by Tut Underwood
(April 21, 1972) Astronaut Charles M. Duke Jr., Lunar Module pilot of the Apollo 16 mission, is photographed collecting lunar samples at Station no. 1 during the first Apollo 16 extravehicular activity at the Descartes landing site.

A half-century ago, as the world watched in awe as Neil Armstrong took that "one small step" into history on the surface of the moon, a voice from Houston was his constant connection to humanity back on Earth. Earlier, however, as the landing craft neared its destination,...

We Are The Champions | Endowment Intern Sarah

July 9, 2019 - Posted in ETV Endowment Interns by Sarah Pritchard
Me and my roommate Taylor on a rather overcast Fourth of July on a dock in Charleston.

Well, I think the title for this week’s blog post is an obvious salute to the U.S. Women’s National Team (USWNT) for winning the FIFA World Cup on Sunday, in case you have been living under a rock, or “don’t care” about women’s sports – but if the latter is true, you really...

Preparing for Retirement with a 5-Step Program

July 9, 2019 - Posted in SC Public Radio by Alfred Turner
South Carolina Business Review logo

It’s probably safe to say that most everyone looks forward to retiring someday. But when that day comes, how will you know for sure that you are ready? Our next guest says the answer involves successfully accomplishing five critical steps first. Mike Switzer interviews...

SC Lede Summer School: Hurricane Party

July 9, 2019 - Posted in This Week in South Carolina by Sean Birch
Hurricane Florence

This summer we're dedicating several episodes of South Carolina Lede to in-depth topics we felt needed futher exploration. On this first South Carolina Lede Summer School special, host Gavin Jackson examines the history of hurricanes in South Carolina. From Hurricane Hugo...

Likely Tropical Development in the Gulf

July 8, 2019 - Posted in Weather by Ray Hawthorne
Tropical Depression Likely To Form In the Gulf

A low that is over South Carolina and Georgia on Monday morning is likely to become a tropical depression later this week as it moves south into the northern Gulf of Mexico. There is a high probability (80%) that a tropical depression is likely to form by the end of the...

"Reconnecting Roots" aims to bridge generation gap

July 8, 2019 - Posted in SCETV Presents
Reconnecting Roots

COLUMBIA, S.C. – “ Reconnecting Roots ” – a half-hour series that aims to bridge the generation gap by portraying American progress through music, culture and history – will premiere on South Carolina Educational Television (SCETV) Thursday, July 11 at 8 p.m. Hosted by...

Episode 1: A Work in Progress (Watch Online)

July 8, 2019 - Posted in Reconnecting Roots

America today is experiencing unparalleled abundance. How have we managed to advance at such a significant rate? Have we lost anything to the tides of progress? Join host Gabe McCauley as he sets out on a journey to answer these questions and more. Reconnecting Roots is a...

Archaeological Field School at Fort Hill

July 8, 2019 - Posted in Palmetto Scene by Sarah Pritchard
Junior Carson King works in the open trench at Fort Hill on June 19, 2019.

For the second consecutive summer, a group of Clemson students is digging up a part of the university's past as a part of the six-week archaeological field school . Visiting lecturer David Markus is leading the charge to uncover the history of the enslaved persons at Fort...

Cottonmouth Snake on the Savannah River

July 8, 2019 - Posted in SC Public Radio by Alfred Turner
An Eastern Cottonmouth snake, agkistrodon piscivorus

A listener makes an unusual snake sighting...