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Sesame Street in Communities - Nurse Family Partnership

August 1, 2017 - Posted in Education by Bette Jamison
Nurse and parents with newborn infant

Did you know Sesame Street in Communities isn’t only a website? It’s also a growing network of community providers like you, who leverage Sesame Street content in their work with kids and families. One of our great partners is Nurse Family Partnership (NFP). With locations in 43 states, NFP offers first time moms in-home visits by a registered nurse for the first two years of pregnancy and parenting. We love how they take a client-centric approach –following their clients’ leads to set goals and extend resources.  Visit Sesame Street in Communities here.

A Day in the Life of a Home Visiting Nurse
Join us in an interview with our friend, Sherika Johnson, a home-visiting nurse with NFP. Sherika shares stories and strategies, and smiles. Thanks for all you do Nurse Family Partnership! Register today.

Building a Reader
Join us as for an interactive course that explores key literacy goals, strategies, and activities to support learning around language and literacy in young kids. This course opens September 5, and runs through December 5.
Register today!

Providers, Join Us On Facebook!
Want to meet more great providers like Sherika from NFP? Hop on over to our new Facebook group, created exclusively for providers like you. Click here to request access. Join us as we create an environment of sharing and practice to enhance your work with kids and families!

Empowering Families with EMPath
In this provider interview, Beth Babcock, President and CEO of Economic Mobility Pathways, tells us what the latest brain science has to say about inter-generational mobility. She shares the frameworks that her team at EMPath uses to help families gain traction and achieve goals together.
Register today! 


We’re here to support you in your work with kids and families. Together, we can help kids grow smarter, stronger, and kinder.

We’re looking forward to continuing the conversation!

The Sesame Street in Communities Team

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