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Renew Yourself This Spring With PBS

March 13, 2017 - Posted in Education by Kathy Finger
Enroll now for spring courses!

Need to renew your teaching certificate this June or maybe just your teaching spirit? PBS has options for you! First, get those recertification credits covered with a PBS TeacherLine course beginning April 19; both Renewal and Graduate Credits are offered. 

Sample Facilitated Courses Beginning Apr 19, 2017:

  • SCIE607  Accomplished Science Teaching: Letting Science Lead
  • RDLA152  (R2S approved) Intro. to Underlying Principles & Research for Effective Literacy Instruction (also offered to begin May 3)
  • MATH330  Differentiating Math Lessons for a Range of Learners
  • TECH145  Teaching with WebQuests for Grades K-12
  • INST315  Teaching for Multiple Intelligences

Ok, now for your teaching spirit.

Would a month’s supply of free Starbucks coffee for your whole school ‘perk’ you up (pardon the pun)? How about an uber-cool teched-out teachers’ lounge to drink it in?! If so, enter daily for a chance to win in the PBS Teach Boldly Sweepstakes!

While you’re waiting on that lounge remodel, go hang out instead at the PBS Teachers’ Lounge. There, you’ll find new ideas, the latest buzz, tech tools, and more. Reading a few blog posts and realizing you’re not alone is an immediate spirit boost!

Next, head over to PBS LearningMedia and search for what ails you, maybe finding a new way to teach about integers, the Colonial Era, or biomes. Watch a few PD videos too, perhaps about Discussions & Questioning Techniques or Planning and Preparation. It’s all free!

Bolstered yet? Move forward with a PBS TeacherLine ‘mini’ self-paced course. These fast, flexible and focused courses will spark new ideas, expand your skill set, and energize your classroom! The Leadership series courses are free; the others only $49! All allow you to explore course content, watch videos, complete interactive labs, and take self-assessments at your own pace for up to one year.

Sample Self-Paced Courses (enroll anytime):

  • LEAD1115   Program Reviews: Arts and Humanities
  • MATH1025 Perceptions of Mathematical Patterns
  • TECH1215   Integrating Technology into Project Based Learning
  • SOST1011   Developing Chronological Reasoning Skills
  • SCIE1005    Demographic Dynamics

Be inspired. Finish the year strong. Teach Boldly! 



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