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July 10, 2017 - Posted in Education by Mimi Brown
Images from content featured in July on Knowitall

Feeling a bit like sitting in the air conditioning and doing as little as possible? Try these great virtual tours, videos and photos now available on Knowitall! They’re great for enlightening you on many subjects and keeping your brain engaged while your body takes a well-deserved time out!

In July, we want to bring your attention to quite a bit of new content on Knowitall and also to some items that we hope will be helpful to you by visiting often!

Visit ​These Areas Frequently, So You Won’t Miss a Thing!


What’s New on Knowitall

On the Knowitall homepage, scroll down to just below “Featured Media” and you’ll see “What’s New.”

Be sure to visit this area frequently for the most current information on new content now available on Knowitall!  


Knowitall Factoids by Month

Our Knowitall Factoids by Month will guide you to content that exists on Knowitall any given month. You can look ahead to see what we are linking to in advance of certain occasions, or you can stay up with the current month’s celebrations, events, and observations. Visit the July Factoids to see what’s available now!



New 3D Virtual Tour of the SC State House Now Available – Plus a New Photo Gallery!

Let’s Go! The South Carolina State House

Be sure to check out Let’s Go! The South Carolina State House! You can now take a 3D virtual tour inside the State House! You can also view the photos from each of the areas below. It’s almost like being there!


Senate Chamber

House Chamber

Grounds, Monuments & Markers


Also Featured in July

StoryfestSC 2017

The South Carolina State Library held the 7th annual StoryfestSC, a free event for the public at the South Carolina State Museum. Children who attended received two books from the featured authors, Rita Williams-Garcia and Sophie Blackall. The event also included author book signings, face painting, storytelling, games, and character appearances from Smart Cat, Bob the Builder, USC’s Cocky, and the Clemson Tiger.  For more information, visit


Author Rita Williams-Garcia – The Writing Process - StoryfestSC / SC State Library

Award-winning author Rita Williams-Garcia was one of the featured authors at the 2017 StoryfestSC, an annual event sponsored by the South Carolina State Library. Knowitall talked to Rita about her Gaither Sisters Series (One Crazy SummerP.S. Be Eleven and Gone Crazy in Alabama) and her latest book, Clayton Byrd Goes Underground. Rita also shared some insight into her writing process and offers advice to young aspiring writers.


Author & Illustrator Sophie Blackwell - The Process – Storyfest / SC State Library

Award-winning illustrator and author Sophie Blackall was one of the featured authors at the 2017 StoryfestSC, an annual event sponsored by the South Carolina State Library. Knowitall talked to Rita about her illustration background and the process she uses to illustrate children's books. Rita also shares a peek inside the award-winning book, Finding Winnie: The True Story of the World's Most Famous Bear.

Sophie has illustrated over 40 books which you can find on her official website.


Meet Curtis Rogers - Careers in Communications – Storyfest / SC State Library

Curtis Rogers, the Communications Director of the South Carolina State Library, talks about the field of communications. He provides public speaking tips and also shares what he enjoys about his job.


Meet Leesa Aiken - Careers in Public Librarianship – Storyfest / SC State Library

Leesa Aiken, the Director of the South Carolina State Library, explains what services are offered. She provides background information on how to become a librarian and encourages students to pursue a career path in the public library system. Leesa also shares tips on how to encourage children to develop a love for reading.



New Videos from Our Ongoing Series

Carolina Stories

Finding Clovis | Carolina Stories

Finding Clovis takes viewers on an archeological adventure at the Topper dig site in Allendale County, South Carolina. Famous for Clovis and pre-Clovis artifacts, there is recent evidence that may support the theory that a comet suddenly wiped out the Clovis culture 13,000 years ago. In the Topper dig, Finding Clovis, world-renowned scientists Allen West, Dennis Stanford from the Smithsonian, David Anderson, Scott Jones, and Al Goodyear from the University of South Carolina will offer their opinions about these significant first Americans, where they came from, how they lived, and what may have been their fate.


Florence: A Renaissance Spirit | Carolina Stories

This program focuses on the history of Florence, S.C., which originally began as a railroad junction. During the Civil War, a Confederate stockade was located there, and a gunboat built in Florence patrolled the Great Pee Dee River. Today, Florence is an important regional hub, with leading medical facilities, educational institutions, and growing industry.  


Homecoming: Art of Jonathan Green and Leo Twiggs | Carolina Stories

This program explores the works of two outstanding artists who are sons of the South Carolina Lowcountry. Twiggs and Green share an indelible bond, reflected in their works.


Pirates of the Carolinas | Carolina Stories

Pirates of the Carolinas digs up the true tales of treachery and villainy that occurred off the coasts of North and South Carolina during the Golden Age of Piracy. The program features the exploits of real sea bandits who roamed the streets of Charleston in the 18th century, including Blackbeard, Stede Bonnet, "Calico" Jack Rackham, and even female pirates, such as Mary Read and Charleston's own Anne Bonny. 


Palmetto Scene

What is a Century Plant? | Palmetto Scene

Many Columbians will recognize the large plant that seems to spill over on to Rosewood Drive. But the plant saw more buzz in the Summer of 2017, due to the fact it started to resemble something out of a Dr. Seuss story. A giant stalk started growing from the plant to the power lines, seemingly overnight. The plant is a "Century Plant," also known as Agave americana. But what exactly is a century plant, and why the sudden appearance of the stalk? SCETV's Palmetto Scene has answers.


Which Snakes are Harmless? | Palmetto Scene

As we transition to warmer temperatures in S.C. , we begin to see nature blossoming all around us. Trees and flowers start to bloom, animals begin to mate and bring forth new life, and snakes begin to wake from their hibernation. Not all snakes are to be feared. It is important to know which snakes are harmless and which ones to watch out for.


Clemson Engineering Students Improve Healthcare-Related Companies | Palmetto Scene

Each year, students in the Industrial Engineering program at Clemson University complete senior projects. These projects culminate their four years at the university and allow them to use their education to benefit businesses in the area. This year, a few students had the opportunity to use industrial engineering in a field that many may not expect, healthcare.


How Do You Paint a Dream: Dalí at the CMA | Palmetto Scene

"We continue to love Dali, but the question is why?" Palmetto Scene spoke with Chief Curator Will South of the Columbia Museum of Art about the whimsy and wonder of Salvador Dalí, the man who captured our dreams. Yet many Dalí enthusiasts are unaware that the surrealist also illustrated Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland, Miguel Cervantes' Don Quixote, and Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tales.



Original SC

John Slaughter, Careers in National Parks | Original SC

John Slaughter serves as the Superintendent of Southern Campaign of the American Revolution Parks Group that includes Cowpens National Battlefield, Kings Mountain National Military Park, Ninety Six National Historic Site, and Overmountain Victory National Historic Trail. Slaughter has more than 18 years of federal experience, including 15 years with the National Park Service (NPS). In this video, Slaughter answers questions about his education and career. Learn more by visiting The Southern Campaign of the American Revolution modules on Knowitall.


John Slaughter, National Park Service Superintendent | Original SC

"Humanity is the most important thing we can value.... Valuing the humanity in others puts us in a place where we can have compassion and share passion with each and every individual, no matter what their background." John Slaughter serves as the superintendent of the Southern Campaign of the American Revolution Parks Group that includes Cowpens National Battlefield, Kings Mountain National Military Park, Ninety Six National Historic Site, and Overmountain Victory National Historic Trail. Slaughter has more than18 years of federal experience, including 15 years with the National Park Service (NPS). The National Park Service is composed of more than 20,000 rangers, biologists, historians, geologists and other dedicated employees who care for America's 401 National Parks and other special places, so that everyone today, and in the future, can experience America's history and beauty.


Dr. Greg Owings, School Principal | Original SC

There has been one consistency in Dr. Greg Owings 44 years spent in education: relationships. In his five years as principal at Dutch Fork High School, Owings has taken initiative to make sure each day would be the best it could be for his staff and students. “It is all about the relationships,” Owings said. “When I took the job, I knew it was important for myself and the rest of the administration team to be visible and develop relationships with our students. I love our kids and I take great pride in what we have accomplished.” U.S. News & World Report and The Washington Post rated Dutch Fork as the top traditional high school in South Carolina in 2016. In 2015, the school opened its Health Science Center, a 30,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art instruction space that enrolls more than 250 students participating in practicums through local medical offices while studying sports medicine and other health fields at the school.



Dr. Ernest E. Just | Scientific SC

Dr. Ernest E. Just was born in Charleston, S.C. in 1883. He was an African American biologist, teacher, and scholar who focused on the cell, fertilization, and marine biology. He researched all over the world, making major discoveries about the cell surface and the changes it undergoes during the process of fertilization. He also developed important techniques for studying the breeding habits and eggs of marine invertebrates. Produced by Darren K. Woodland Jr., 2017 Spring Semester Intern


Series Now Available in the ETV StreamlineSC Collection on Knowitall

Destination: SC Parks

Produced for ETV by WNSC-TV, the Rock Hill regional station, this popular series provides informative programs full of interesting facts on geography, plants, and fauna found in a variety of our treasured South Carolina state parks. Hosted by Susan Collier, the programs have been developed with assistance from the SC Department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism.


Nature Notes with Rudy Mancke

These educational capsules are effective lesson triggers, featuring SCETV's NatureScene naturalist, Rudy Mancke. Nature Notes look at locations around South Carolina and some parts of the U.S. by getting an intimate look at creatures and plant life. Rudy provides interesting information in his usual science-is-all-around-us style.


On the Other Hand (American Sign Language)

Designed to teach sign language to teachers and parents of deaf children, this innovative series can also teach signing to classroom students. Through animation, real-life segments, and direct instruction by the series’ hosts, students can learn the fundamentals of this language in order to communicate with friends and classmates who use signing as their primary means of communication.


Parks Adventures Minutes

These are excerpts from the series Destination: SC Parks, produced by WNSC-TV in cooperation with the SC Department of Education. The short minute programs are provided for schools to incorporate into their school news programs or use in the study of South Carolina geography and science habitat. Each minute focuses on an aspect of flora or fauna found in South Carolina state parks.


Powder Magazine Museum

The Powder Magazine Museum is South Carolina's oldest public building. The Powder Magazine is owned and operated by The National Society of The Colonial Dames of America in The State of South Carolina. Exhibits are focused on South Carolina's colonial military history, and available to the public daily. Standards-based field trips and classroom outreach programming is available to assist teachers.


Reading, Safety & Internet Safety Minutes

Two of these short programs provide a fun, unique way to encourage middle and high school students to read for fun as well as for information. The other four attention-getting vignettes are designed to help students understand how to be safe at school, at home and online. School Resources Officers talk about what is the safe behavior in each situation.


Safe Student School Scenarios

Produced by ETV, these short dramatizations are part of the Partnership Training for Law Enforcement and Education course and can be used with students to initiate discussion. Teachers are advised to preview these videos for scenes and content that may not be appropriate for use in their classroom.


As always, we invite you to Contact Us with any comments or questions! 



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