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FREE Sesame Street Educator's Math Course - Make Believe with Math!

May 15, 2017 - Posted in Education by Bette Jamison
Sesame Street - Make Believe with Math graphic

We invite you to join your friends at Sesame Street for a FREE online course for early childhood educators Make Believe with Math.  This self-paced course is designed for all early childhood educators–whether you are working in a classroom, center-based program, or family child-care setting.  This self-paced course will enable educators to explore the fun of math in children’s make believe play and how math moments can be incorporated into everyday learning.

The online course will:

  *   Highlight the importance of math and pretend play in children’s lives

  *   Explore how a facilitator can integrate “math moments” into children’s pretend play

  *   Offer an interactive learning experience during which educators can connect with others

Our goal is to reach any early childhood educator who might benefit from this material and we know you support many of these educators in your work!


We prepared a Partner Package for you to make sharing easier, including:

  *   Pre-drafted language you can send out through your newsletter, e-blasts, or more

  *   Sample tweets or Facebook posts you can share via social media

  *   Sesame Street art assets that you can include in your communications


Please feel free to reach out to Bobbi or myself directly or you can contact us at! Looking for more? Check out to continue exploring Sesame Street’s rich library of STEM resources for educators.

Course Sessions*

Session 1: May 12th – August 11th

Session 2: October 2nd – January 12th

*You can register at any time within these time frames to join the course

Registration is now open here!


Thank you for all the work you do in your area to help the kids in your community grow smarter, stronger and kinder. 


For more information, please contact:

Bobbi English • VP US Television • 410-772-5366 •

Jenna Fishner • Manager, North American Media and Content Distribution • 212-875-6490 •


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