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FREE Devices & Wireless Service for High School Students: Apply by 4/30/17

April 11, 2017 - Posted in Education by Bette Jamison
Image from The 1 Milion Project

ATTENTION South Carolina High Schools! Through the 1Million Project, Sprint and the Sprint Foundation will help close the homework gap by providing FREE devices and wireless service to schools to connect 1 million low-income high school students (over a period of five years) who do not have home internet access.

DEADLINE to apply: April 30, 2017

Eligible High School Students Will Receive:

-3 GB per month of free high-speed LTE data while on Sprint Network

-A free smartphone, tablet, laptop or hotspot device

-Free hotspot capability and unlimited domestic calls/texts on the Sprint Network for students who receive a smartphone

-Free Children’s Internet Protection Act compliant content filter (Sprint Guardian)

-Up to four years of free Sprint wireless service

LEARN more details here.

ACCESS:  Brochure

                 Overview and Requirements

QUESTIONS? Call Sprint at 1-866-414-3225 or email at




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