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Extend Learning Through the Holidays – Knowitall Activities & VRs!

November 30, 2017 - Posted in Education by Mimi Wortham-Brown
Images from Knowitall Activities and VRs

This month, we’re highlighting our Knowitall Activities to extend learning through the holidays! There’s a wide assortment of subject areas—plus, they’re fun and engaging! These Activities all work on mobile devices!

Please feel free to post the link on your school website or newsletter, and send to students and parents. Below, there’s a feature that you’re welcome to use!


Please Share the following with Students and Parents!

Extend Learning Through the Holidays with Our Knowitall Activities!

Engage your students in these well-loved interactives from’s most popular content, such as Artopia, Gullah Tales / Gullah Net, Hobby Shop, Kids Work! and NASA Science Simulations!

All of these interactives have been re-purposed to work on mobile devices! (Tested on iPad and Samsung Galaxy tablets).



Gullah Tales & Gullah Net


Hobby Shop


Kids Work!


NASA Science Simulations


Please note: Additional interactives are available in our larger Smart Is Fun! – Interactives Collection. However, this collection includes some interactives in Flash that will not yet work on mobile devices. The list of Activities listed above all work on mobile devices.


Try Out Our VRs from Let’s Go! 

Virtual tours of some of South Carolina’s most interesting historical sites on your desktop computer or the Matterport App. Here’s all the info you need!

To View VRs on a DESKTOP COMPUTER, click the links below:

To View VRs on the Matterport App: 

The 3D experiences were shot with a Matterport Pro 3D Camera. Experience the VRs using the Matterport phone apps with either a Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear VR.

(1) Download the iOS or Android app to your phone

(2) Use your phone's browser to go to the VR links below:

(3) When you click on a link, the Matterport App will open on your phone.

(4) The VRs will need to download to the app prior to viewing.

(5) Look for the visual queues (circles) to navigate through the VR experience.

New on “Let’s Go!” - “The Powder Magazine Museum!” Try It Out!

South Carolina's oldest public building. It has been a property of the non-profit the NSCDA-SC since 1902. The Powder Magazine is owned and operated by The National Society of The Colonial Dames of America in The State of South Carolina.


We Can't Let You Go Without Telling You...

What’s New on Knowitall

New Series Added

New Audio & Video Added


Remember to check here frequently to find out What’s New on Knowitall!


New Content of Special Note:

Sea Change

Patrick McMillan takes viewers from the sands of Hunting Island State Park to other communities along coastal South Carolina and Georgia, exploring diverse perspectives on the impact of sea level rise on the Eastern Seaboard. Resources include:

Between the Waters - Documentary & Website

Showcasing the culture and history of Hobcaw Barony, a 16,000 acre historic site on the coast of South Carolina. Located between Charleston and Myrtle Beach, Hobcaw is a crossroads representing every era of human history, providing a lens through which many threads of the nation’s story may be examined.

The Between the Waters documentary can serve as a valuable resource for social studies teachers whose curriculum includes Native American and African American history, as well as the history of environmental conservation. It can also serve as an introduction to the Between the Waters website, which provides in-depth exploration of these and many other themes with a wealth of choices for increasing student engagement.

Visitors to the Between the Waters website take a self-directed virtual tour of Hobcaw Barony, moving down the roads and rice canals, entering slave dwellings and grand houses, watching videos, examining photographs, and listening to historians and the first-person stories of former residents and relatives.

Resources include:

Palmetto Places

A series of 30-minute programs that explores and celebrates the architectural and cultural heritage of South Carolina's small towns and countryside. Travel with host Joanna Angle as she explores historic houses, public buildings, and country stores. Joanna also talks with local artists, painters, sculptors, weavers, writers, storytellers, and musicians. 

...More locations are being added all the time!

Carolina Classrooms – Financial Aid Resources

The South Carolina Commission on Higher Education has announced that College Application Month will take place each year from August until December! The countdown is on!


More Ways to Extend Learning Each Day!

Knowitall Factoids by MonthDecember Factoids


More to Explore in December!

Try out these virtual field trips! Explore them all…wherever you are!

Explore South Carolina

You may be surprised at what you’ll find! Categories of content include:

Virtual Field Trips & Tours!

An assortment of virtual tours to appeal to every taste—in South Carolina and around the United States— and just a click away!


Please contact us with your questions and comments! We’d love to hear from you!

Enjoy your holidays!

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