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July 13, 2017 - Posted in Education by Bette Jamison
Image from NOVA Predicting How Proteins Fold

For the past few months, NOVA has been expanding our coverage to give you our take on current events and news through the lens of science. We have been publishing timely news videos, like a primer on preexisting conditions (and what they mean to medical doctors), and other content that reflects the pulse of the conversations happening on the internet.

We’re excited to introduce The Lens, a special weekly newsletter that we’re launching as part of this effort—and to forge closer ties with YOU, our viewers and readers. In it you will find a roundup of our new digital news stories and reflections from the NOVA team. We’re creating a fresh new style of NOVA digital reporting and encourage you to share these stories with your students this fall.

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Predicting How Proteins Fold NEW

Explore how origami, the age-old tradition of paper folding, is analogous to one of the hardest problems in biology today—predicting a protein’s folded shape—in this video from NOVA's The Origami Revolution. 

1 Video, Grades 9-12


Adapting to Survive at High Altitude NEW

Examine DNA evidence that links the Himalayan population to ancestors from faraway lands and explains how today’s inhabitants survive at high altitudes, in this media gallery from NOVA’s Secrets of the Sky Tombs. 

2 Videos, Grades 9-12


Designing a Cheaper, Safer, and Cleaner Storage Battery NEW

Examine a new approach to create a cheaper, safer, and environmentally friendly battery to meet society’s energy-storage needs, in this video from NOVA’s Search for the Super Battery. 

1 Video, Grades 9-12


How to Minimize Summer Slide  NEW

Research shows that summer slide may be a contributing factor to the achievement gap. Here are some strategies for addressing summer slide at home.

Blog, 10 minute read


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