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ETV Update on Changes and NEW Services - LearningWhy & Magic School Bus!

September 18, 2017 - Posted in Education by Dean Byrd
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ETV Education is YOUR partner, communicating events and telling your success with blogs, newsletters, and feature programs. We love working with our valued core of education professionals in our state and with our education partners – SDE, EOC, Higher Education, and public, private and home schools - to serve the Pre-K-12 children of South Carolina. We want to serve you with quality, innovative resources!

REMINDER: Learn360 national content base provided in StreamlineSC ended August 31, 2017.

SC educators have access to a variety of quality, FREE multimedia. Create your NEW ETV account today – only ONE log-in needed to access ETV’s FREE resources. No codes needed. (Your StreamlineSC account will no longer work.)  

  • Knowitall.orgETV StreamlineSC Collection

You’ll find rich programs that SCETV produced and a variety of national programs in this NEW collection that is now part of ETV’s PLUS, when you create your FREE account, you’ll have access to more national programs with rights for SC schools to use, including a selection of Magic School Bus programs available now through a partnership with the State Library.

When you create your new, FREE account in ETV’s NEW LearningWhy service, you will also gain access to ETV’s “ETV StreamlineSC Collection” secure resources, so you can access both sites with ONE log-in!  (See below.)

  • LearningWhy … ETV Education introduces our newest service designed for SC to meet your needs! LearningWhy offers complete Pre-K-12 lessons for one-to-one environments and project-based learning. These innovative lessons are vetted and editable: 

The account you create to access ETV’s NEW LearningWhy service will allow you to access secure assets in the “ETV StreamlineSC Collection” also.

Create your NEW FREE account … register today:

  • South Carolina’s PBS LearningMedia … And, SC educators also have access to a wide variety of national content in South Carolina’s PBS LearningMedia! You’ll find many valuable PBS programs and series for educational use. You are invited to set up your FREE account for this service also!


REMINDER: If you have national Learn360 content downloaded or copied, you must erase or destroy. It is a license violation to retain these resources after August 31, 2017.

If you have “locally-produced” or local programs (those produced by ETV or produced in partnership) copied or downloaded, you may keep these for use in SC schools. ACCESS list of resources to keep here

ETV Education is committed to serving SC teachers by providing technology training and a wide variety of professional development to meet the needs of our South Carolina educators:

  • Let’s talk technology training! You tell us our trainers are the best. Make plans NOW to invite them to your school or district! Face-to-face, online, or blended training as you want it, whenever you want it, answering your needs, for your solutions.


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The ed-news bulletin is emailed 10 times a year to provide key information on free training, renewal and grad courses, key ETV/PBS programming, and more. Sign up via the newsletter link at the bottom of our Education page:     

And, be sure to check out the ETV Education blog that is updated daily with important information:


ETV Education is your partner!  Questions or concerns … please contact us!

800-277-3245 (toll free)   803-737-3245 (local)


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