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ETV StreamlineSC Service Update

January 13, 2017 - Posted in Education by Dean Byrd
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Service Update

  • Since 2004, ETV has provided a wealth of free digital media content to SC schools through our StreamlineSC service, including state-specific content developed by ETV as well as national content provided by partners.
  • Due to funding decreases and new ETV services on the horizon, StreamlineSC will offer only our ‘local’ state-developed content AFTER the end of the 2016-17 school year.
    • The excellent national content provided by current partner Learn360 will continue to be available until August 2017.
    • Learn360 is working with the state to become a state vendor; districts and schools that would like to continue with Learn360 after the state contract expires can work with them for pricing.
  • StreamlineSC ‘local’ state-developed content will continue to be available so these series and programs that SC educators have downloaded or copied may be kept. A list of these ‘local’ series and programs that do not have to be deleted will be provided online.
  • In addition to StreamlineSC content, ETV encourages educators to access the free multimedia content of:
      Offers 80,000+ research-based, classroom-ready digital learning assets drawn from critically acclaimed PBS programs and expert content contributors.
      Offers SC media content created by ETV for K-12 students, teachers, and parents. Much of the content has been recently optimized for tablets and mobile devices with more to come.
  • ETV continues our dedication to SC educators by providing services educators tell us they need.​
    • ETV Education is currently beta testing our newest service – LearningWhy (make this a link…, offering complete preK-12 lessons for one-to-one environments. The full version should be ready for fall 2017.
    • We continue to provide quality professional development through our online Teacher Courses and our face-to-face trainings.
    • Visit to learn more about our services available to SC educators.



  • Learn360 content remains available in StreamlineSC until August 2017.
  • Any files of Learn360 content that teachers have downloaded from the site need to be deleted by August 2017. (Only ‘local’ SC-developed content may be kept. List of these program/series will be provided online.)


 Questions/concerns? Please contact us at:



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