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Create NEW Account to Access ETV’s LearningWhy Complete Lessons!

October 11, 2017 - Posted in Education by Bette Jamison
Screen shot from LearningWhy website for lesson plans from South Carolina ETV Education

The new school year is underway and ETV Education has a NEW service designed to meet the needs of our South Carolina educators. We invite all SC educators to utilize ETV’s NEW, free, innovative service!


ETV Education’s newest service is designed for SC to meet your needs! LearningWhy offers complete Pre-K-12 classroom lessons for one-to-one environments and project-based learning. These innovative lessons are vetted and editable: 

  • The new account you create to access ETV’s NEW LearningWhy service will also allow you to access secure assets in the “ETV StreamlineSC Collection”  
  • Only ONE log-in needed to access ETV’s FREE resources in LearningWhy and “ETV StreamlineSC Collection
  • No codes needed.  After registering, just click the link on the confirmation email and you are good to go. (The StreamlineSC account you had no longer works)

Create your NEW, FREE account here.  

Sign up to receive ETV Education online newsletter:

The ed-news bulletin is emailed 10 times a year to provide key information on free training, renewal and grad courses, and key ETV/PBS programming.    Go to  - look at bottom of page and click “Education Newsletter.” 

We want to serve you!  Questions or concerns … please contact us:

800-277-3245 (toll free)   803-737-3245 (local)


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