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July 31, 2017 - Posted in Education by Mimi Brown
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In August, we hope to ease the transition from StreamlineSC to the ETV StreamlineSC Collection on, so that you can locate these resources without missing a beat! We also want to remind you of some recent additions to that are well worth reviewing as school starts. And we feature three new programs from South Carolina Hall of Fame!

StreamlineSC Collection Now Available on

Be sure to check out our ETV StreamlineSC Collection! We continue to add content on a daily basis and are eager to help you in any way we can to make the adjustment, from accessing this content as you did previously from StreamlineSC to its new home on Knowitall! Please contact us if we can assist in any way!

Many of the series you know and love are there and others will follow soon! In July, we posted an alphabetical list of the series and programs that are available now. Locating new additions is as simple as going to the Collections page and selecting the light aqua ETV StreamlineSC icon and scroll down through the icons representing each series. They will all look very familiar to you as you scroll through and explore!

Vietnam Resources

As we await the premiere of Ken Burns’ new series, THE VIETNAM WAR, on Sept. 17, we present a couple of programs from the ETV archives for your reflection and remembrance.

Vietnam: The Monument, The Memories | Carolina Journal

On November 8, 1986, the South Carolina Vietnam Monument was dedicated at Memorial Park in Columbia. In this SCETV special, Carolina Journal staff spoke with veterans about their experiences, as well as their attitudes, toward the war in Vietnam.

Thanks, Viet Nam Vets (1973)

For Vietnam Veterans Appreciation Week 1973, South Carolina Governor John C. West honored veterans of the Vietnam War and Medal of Honor winners in a special program held at the Governor's Mansion. 

In addition, we have the Generations of Heroes interviews, which are so informative, as veterans reflect on their history and their service in various wars, including Vietnam. In our Wars & Conflicts Collection, the interviews that relate to service in Vietnam are available in the Collection labeled J. Vietnam War (1962-1975).


Let’s Go! and 3D Interactive Field Trips

If you missed these over the summer, be sure to view them as you start the new school year!

Let’s Go! has a new 3D Tour of the State House.

Experience the VRs using your preferred device (mobile or desktop) or use the apps with either Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear VR.

*Please note: As we add more Interactive 3D Tours, you will find them all right here under Smart Is Fun!

There is also a new Photo Gallery of the State House, including:


Senate Chamber

House Chamber

Grounds: Monuments & Markers


In addition, we have Let’s Go! Historic Brattonsville,

which you may wish to consider using during this school year.

View the Video Overview of Historic Brattonsville and take a 3D Virtual Tour of the Homestead House.

The 3D experience was shot with a Matterport Pro 3D Camera. Experience the VRs using your preferred device (mobile or desktop) or use the apps with either Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear VR.


2017 Total Solar Eclipse Resources

Be sure to visit early and often (!) our comprehensive website containing eclipse-related resources. There are lesson plans, media, activities, and more, and they’re all in one place! The hardest part might be getting them all in before the 21st!

Two videos to view now:

Viewing the Eclipse in South Carolina – Preparing for the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse

Predicting Eclipses

See also our blog on the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse Resources.


South Carolina Hall of Fame - New Content!

Anne Worsham Richardson, Charleston Wildlife Artist

Known as the “Charleston Bird Lady,” Anne Worsham Richardson (1919-2012), renowned wildlife artist, was sometimes dubbed the Audubon of her time.   No other South Carolinian has done more to portray the avian wildlife of the Palmetto State than this Charleston artist, whose wildlife paintings hang in galleries around the world.  She is South Carolina’s official painter of the State Bird, the Carolina Wren, and State Flower, Yellow Jessamine.

With her husband, Richardson operated a bird sanctuary  rehabilitating injured birds at their James Island home.  Always willing to share her love and knowledge of birds, she welcomed myriad visitors and schoolchildren to visit the sanctuary.  

David Bancroft Johnson, Founding President of Winthrop University

As Superintendent of Schools in Columbia, South Carolina, David Bancroft Johnson saw the need for an institution that would focus on training teachers. He received funds from Robert Winthrop and the Peabody Education Board in Boston, Massachusetts, and founded Winthrop Training School for Women in 1886.

In 1895, the school moved to Rock Hill, and Winthrop University continues to educate students today.

“D.B.” Johnson was President of Winthrop until his death in 1928.  

Walker Gill Wylie, MD

Dr. Walker Gill Wylie (1848–1923) was a surgeon and civil engineer—who developed operational procedures for the nation’s hospitals, organized the first nursing school at Bellevue Hospital, New York, and introduced hydroelectric power to the Carolinas.

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