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Add the Spooky and Scary to Learning about Halloween in the Classroom

October 11, 2017 - Posted in Education by Bette Jamison
Graphic from The Halloween Collection on South Carolina PBS LearningMedia

Halloween was a Celtic holiday but over time, the holiday has evolved into the secular and community-based event we love today, with activities like trick-or-treating and bobbing for apples. Make slime, use math to share candy, study zombie brains, and explore the concept of fear with these videos and lesson plans. Dive into this Halloween collection with your students! Explore Collection

Recommended Resources 

Why Does the Moon Turn Red?
Grades: PreK-3

Your students can discover why the moon turns red during a total lunar eclipse (and no, it’s not because of ghosts!) in this Ready Jet Go! clip. Discover More


Grades: 2-6

Halloween traditions go back thousands of years! Learn about the history of the ghoulish holiday with your kids. Discover More


Flesh-Eating Beetles Strip Bodies to the Bone
Grades: 6-12

Turn 'ew' to 'ah' in the classroom. Your students can watch and learn more about Dermestid Beetles. They can pick a carcass clean in just days leaving even the most delicate bone structures intact. Discover More


Other News

Emperor Science Awards

Do you have a student interested in a career in science and cancer research? The Emperor Science Award program is a unique opportunity for 10th and 11th graders with a strong interest in science to work on a cancer research project with a mentoring scientist. 100 students across the U.S. will be selected. The deadline is fast approaching. Students must APPLY by November 1. Learn More

New Collection: The Ruff Ruffman Show Science Collection

Looking to bring the energy of Ruff Ruffman to your classroom? Our new collection has videos and games for kids, and resources for teachers! Explore New Collection



PBS LearningMedia Class Rostering and Advanced Tools
This webinar will give you training on how to take full advantage of class rostering and other advanced tools that will bring lessons to life for your students! Register Now  October 11, 2017

Climate Conversations: Cross-Curricular Connections

Led by the producers of groundbreaking documentaries on climate change, this is a cross-curricular professional development opportunity to bring science and social studies educators together to address climate change in their schools. Register Now  October 24, 2017


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Professional Development

Accomplished Science Teaching: Letting Science Lead
Grades: K-12 |  Hours:45

Through this course, learners focus on the evolution of how students learn  science concepts. This research-based course draws upon data from the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards’ performance assessment of science teachers. Explore Course


New From the PBS Teacher’s Blog

Exploring Stories Behind the Amerasian Experience After the Vietnam War

One student didn't know much about the Vietnam War even though  she had two parents live through the war before coming to America. Through a project, she set out to learn more  about the people and the history behind the war.Discover her point of view behind the camera. Read More


Discussing Global Climate Change in the Classroom

Discover how one teacher introduces an Earth and Environmental Science course to his students. He wants to provide his students with a  foundation that includes scientific principles to nurture a love of science in his classroom. Read More

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