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Summer Technology Classes for Teachers: ETV’s Week-Long Training

March 7, 2016 - Posted in Education by Bette Jamison
Teachers in class in ETV IdeaLab

Want hands-on technology training that will provide 60 renewal credits and allow your teachers to walk away with abundant and valuable knowledge to help them have a fresh start for the new school year?  It’s time to make plans NOW to earn renewal credits!

ETV is providing week-long classes this summer in districts across the state. These trainings focus on using and creating video, quick assessment tools, flipping and blending learning, student projects, cool technology tools, and more! Teachers will learn new ways to use technology in the classroom with one or multiple devices. 


Districts:  Administrators are invited to contact ETV to schedule a class as soon as possible because our summer schedule for training in districts fills up fast. (Contact information for Debbie or Donna below)

Educators:  After the locations of these summer, week-long workshops have been established, ETV will offer open “seats” for teachers in the surrounding areas to also attend.  There will also be one class held at ETV in Columbia, probably in June. 

  • Watch the web page in early April for registration for the Columbia class and available seats in a nearby district’s training. 


COST for ETV Summer Week-long Technology Classes (60 renewal credits):

-For a teacher taking available “seat” in nearby district’s training:  $225

-For a teacher participating in ETV Columbia location:  $225

-For the district cost (minimum seats 15, max seats 25): Contact Donna

-For teachers in a district offering one of these workshops: Talk with your District Renewal/PD Coordinator


Spread the word! Here’s what participating teachers said:  

  • After taking the ETV educational technology class, I feel more confident and excited about using a variety of new and innovative technology in my classroom!
  • This class gave me the confidence I needed to implement new tools in my classroom. 
  • For use in any type of school, whether public, private, or virtual, this class is for you.  I guarantee you will find some uses with your students - no matter what course or grade level you teach!
  • This course was one of the most enjoyable learning experiences I’ve had in a long time. Much thanks to ETV for the valuable instruction!

For information OR to schedule training: Donna Thompson or Debbie Jarrett  Or you may call 803-737-3245 or 1-800-277-3245 (toll free).


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