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See What SC Teachers Are Saying...

February 8, 2016 - Posted in Education by Bette Jamison
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See what South Carolina teachers are saying about ETV Teacher Recertification Courses!

Comment about Write in the Middle course from Eileen B.:

“I definitely found much of the course stimulating, interesting and a refreshing look at effective teaching by master teachers … classes reminded me of some of my own and I appreciated the ability to reaffirm some tried and true methods of teaching. I always felt refreshed, the next day, after viewing his part of the videos and could immediately use his techniques with my own students.

The most appealing aspects of the course that are the most helpful to me would be all of the modeling done by the teachers and their students featured in these lessons. To able to hear students’ feedback, watch their reaction and interact with their peers is priceless. As I viewed the videos, I picked up new techniques, terminology, and a new sense of confidence for teaching writing to my 6th graders.

I have already recommended this course and other SCETV courses to other teachers, especially veteran teachers pressed for time, have family responsibilities or like myself preferred the luxury of being able to self-pace. I truly feel that SCETV provides a wonderful service to educators and it is a great value for its price.”


Comment about SC Chronicles II: The Winds of Discontent from Melanie H.:

“I can't wait to use the videos during this unit of study. I also want to tie them into my traditional literature unit. The students will recognize the fable like qualities of the story of Grace and Rachel Martin and the legend qualities of the story of Dicey Langston. The printed materials are also a good source of information. As, I did during the last course I took with ETV, I am now excited to learn more about the things I did not know before. These courses are so valuable to me because it gets me excited about teaching the same content I have taught for years!!!!”


Comment about A Literary Tour of SC course from Donna C.:

“The course definitely met my expectations as for as the content and organization of the topics that each of the authors spoke on. This was a very effective learning period for me. Hearing the different ideals of professional authors and gaining more insight on different ways to go forward with the writing process was very helpful. I found the course very interesting. There were a lot of topics the authors touched on that grabbed my attention immediately. Hearing the authors break down how they create was very helpful, I gained a lot of knowledge off of that aspect alone. I would recommend this course because hearing input from experienced writers is priceless and can give you more options about how to teach certain aspects of writing.”


Comment about A Literary Tour of SC from Karen T.:

“I found the South Carolina Authors course stimulating and the course videos to be a perfect length and an excellent introduction to, not just the large selection of authors, but to the scope and sequence of writing and book publishing.   

As a librarian, I was fascinated by the input the authors offered and also the consistency of the recommendations and expectations for good stories.   I was often swept into the video and came to realize these authors are not just authors, but excellent storytellers too - and their stories are enthralling. The various backgrounds, genres, and personalities and the knowledge they have assimilated is awe inspiring.  

Being in a library and in contact with students daily, I will be able to relay information to students about the various authors from South Carolina, the various styles of writing, and also, how to use this information to learn the craft of writing.  I will recommend to educators and fellow librarians the videos available through SCETV.  

I would definitely recommend this course to others:  librarians, educators, writers, etc.  It offers so much valuable information that could be used in all areas.    I was also speaking with a fellow librarian and informed her I am ready for the next Trivia night where South Carolina Authors is the topic!

Thank you for the excellent course and I hope to be able to sign up for the next segment in this series.” 

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