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August 4, 2016 - Posted in Education by Mimi Brown
Knowitall August 2016 featured content montage

As you know, technology is always changing…and constantly improving! This generation of students has the advantage of more technology available than any generation before them, and it is remarkable how quickly these changes have come about!

As many of you may already know, we at ETV have been in the process of updating and relocating our resources from the original website to our updated, tablet and mobile-friendly Knowitall Media website. It is now time to say a fond farewell to our original website and to redirect all users to our new!

As we reflect on the past, we recognize that we have lived in interesting times! Over the years we’ve been developing content for K-12 students, teachers and parents, we’ve transitioned from what was once our standard—smaller video files, encoded at fairly low resolution, and shared over a very limited amount of bandwidth, across all school districts in our state—accessed in computer labs and media centers, shared by an entire campus full of students. Now, with increased bandwidth and the availability of one-to-one learning, with tablets in many classrooms, students have, or will soon have, access to more content than we ever could have been imagined, when we began our work on our original—in 1998!

Now, as we say goodbye to the original, and Knowitall Media becomes the new, we’d like to remind you that we have upgraded as much of the original content as we could to mp4 files, which can be played on tablets. However, there is still a small amount of content that is not yet available in a format that can be played on tablets and mobile devices. We continue to work to bring this content forward, so that you will have access to it in the future. In the meantime, please be aware that some files will not play on a tablet. However, the good news is that so many will!

In addition to bringing this content over to the new, we have also added some new content—and to make the rich media resource you’ve come to expect, we’ve also added some additional content from our tape vault, as well! All of our content is now available on our newer site (Knowitall Media), however, we are changing the name of Knowitall Media to simply If this seems confusing, please know that no matter which website you pull up, you will be redirected to the new  The original Knowitall will be retired by the end of July.

We can’t wait to tell you about some new content, now available on the new

Ready to Vote

Young people benefit from involvement in the civic life of their communities, and their communities become more democratic when youth have a voice in the decisions that affect their lives. Ready To Vote is designed to help teachers introduce middle and high school students to one of their most important activities as a citizen – voting. Ready To Vote also provides facts about the principles of the Constitution, the branches of U.S. Government and explores how the electoral process works.

Are You Eligible to Vote?  (Video)

Federalism & Limits on Government Power  (Video)

Learn the Branches of the U.S. Government  (Video)

History of Voting Rights in the U.S.  (Interactive)

2012 Presidential Campaigns by the Numbers  (Infographic)

How to become President of the U.S.  (Infographic)

Modern Forms of Potential Voter Discrimination  (Infographic)

***Please note: If you teach Media/Journalism and would like to involve your students in contributing to this project, we would love to talk with you! Please contact us!


Project Lead South Carolina 

From Middle School to High School, teenage girls face unique pressures every day. Between issues with bullying, body image, boys, friends and “frenemies,” life during that awkward transitional period can feel like it’s filled with challenges. It’s important that our girls have role models, people to look up to, think about, and speak with, to help navigate those landmines.


Project Lead South Carolina is a video series for young women that follows notable women in South Carolina to gather advice about what makes a successful leader. 

Beth Dinndorf, President of Columbia College

Christine Wells, Spring Valley Education Foundation

Cynthia Bennett, S.C. Chamber of Commerce

Gilda Cobb-Hunter, Representative, Orangeburg County

Kripa Cooper-Lewter, Sisters of Charity Foundation of S.C.

Molly Spearman, S.C. State Superintendent of Education


Palmetto Voices

In a dynamic and growing Southern career landscape, Palmetto Voices looks to female leaders in South Carolina to share the experiences, skills and decisions that have brought them success. These voices of the Palmetto State offer advice and suggestions for excellence in various career clusters and fields of study. These videos are in production, specifically for Knowitall, and the first two are now available:

Tammy Mainwaring, Chief Operations Officer, IT-oLogy

Kathy Heffley, Regional Vice President of S.C. Wells Fargo


An Athlete’s Journey: From S.C. to the Olympics

Just in time for the Olympics, August 5-21, 2016, we are offering this new series:

There are three interactives—full of history and interesting information that you may not be aware of! And there’s a whole section on South Carolina’s Olympians. There is also a new video…see below!

History of the Olympics – Interactive Map  (Interactive)

History of the Olympics: Ancient and Modern  (Interactive)

South Carolina Olympians – Interactive Map  (Interactive)

How Does Someone Become an Olympian?   (Video)


Original SC: An Artist (Conductor) and an Engineer! We have two new Original SC videos to share!

Conductor Morihiko Nakahara

Since 1964, the South Carolina Philharmonic has been performing and promoting high-quality, professional symphonic music for the community. Morihiko Nakahara is known for his charismatic presence on and off the podium. He’s the music director and conductor. A native of Kagoshima, Japan, Morihiko Nakahara fell in love with music at a young age. He moved to the United States while in high school and graduated from Andrews University and the University of Cincinnati College - Conservatory of Music. Nakahara has won several awards and he is an ambassador for classical music, speaking about a wide range of topics, including arts advocacy, leadership skills, and economic development at local businesses and service organizations.


Engineer Ernest Middleton

Ernest Middleton loves electricity. At 14, Middleton says his life was not going in the right direction and his mother decided to send him to his uncle, an electrician. Together, the pair did wiring work and his uncle encouraged Middleton to pursue the trade further. Once in trade school in Charleston, Middleton found his passion and decided to pursue an engineering degree at the University of South Carolina. But a difficult course nearly ended his goal to become an engineer. It was a teacher, who encouraged him not to quit and to volunteer for Partners for Minorities in Engineering & Computer Science, a camp that seeks to attract women and minorities into engineering and computer science fields. Thirty-two years later, Middleton now helps lead the program. He says he sees himself in the students there. “Try, try, try, otherwise you will never know how far you can reach,” says Milddleton. He encourages all students to reach for the stars, saying, “you can do anything, if you put your mind to it.”


Image Collections

We’ve recently begun to add various collections of photos that are available for student projects. Students can “right click, save image as…” and use these photos in their projects. Please make sure that they cite the source(s), another important lesson in itself!

***Please note that some of our collections are not complete at this time, and more content will be added in the near future, so please keep checking to see what’s new!


Let’s Go! The S.C. State House (Photos now available)

This content was available previously on, but there were problems using it in some updated browsers. We're currently working on brand NEW 3D virtual tours for Let's Go! The first tour, The South Carolina State House, should be released Fall 2016.


The following photos from  Let’s Go! The S.C. State House  are now available:

African American History Monument

Battleship Maine Cannon

Benjamin Ryan Tillman Monument

Bronze Stars

Columbia Bicentennial Time Capsule

Confederate Soldier Monument

Dr. J. Marion Sims Monument

George Washington Monument

James F. Byrnes Monument

Jefferson Davis Highway Monument

Liberty Bell Replica

Lunsford Grave

Monument to Confederatte Women

Old State House Monument

Palmetto Regiment Monument

Revolutionary Generals Monument

Richardson Monument

Robert E. Lee Memorial Highway Marker

Spanish-American War Monument

Wade Hampton Statue


More photos are currently being added to Let’s Go!, so please check often to see what’s new! Please note that these photos will be organized into these areas of the State House:

Building Exterior (soon to be added)

Dome Level (2 photos currently available)

Lower Level (7 photos currently available)

Main Level (soon to be added)

Monuments & Markers (20 photos currently available)

***A note about Let’s Go! Old Exchange & Provost Dungeon: Although this content has been brought over to the new, it is still in Flash, so it will work only on a desktop computer, not a tablet or mobile device.


Other collections of photos now available on  include the following—and they are all downloadable!

A Natural State Maps

Tourism and Vernacular Regions

Tourism is important to South Carolina’s economy. Promotion of the tourism regions helps draw visitors to South Carolina. For more about the tourism regionsETV Shorts spotlights unique places to visit in each region.

Vernacular regions are based on the tendency of people to refer to a place not only by its formal name, but also by some informal geographic terms.



In addition to the One-Minute Art Lesson in the Art History section found under each art form (see below),  there is now a collection of the Art Cards that were so popular on the original Artopia! The Art Cards contain biographical information about influential people from each art form.


Dance: Art History

Art Cards include Bill T. Jones, Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers, Isadora Duncan, Jerome Robbins, Katherine Dunham, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Ping Chong, and Savion Glover.

Under Dance, these videos help students to take a closer look at types of dance and dancers:

Be a Dance Critic

Also, be sure to visit:

Meet a Dancer

The Studio (Please access on a desktop , as these are still in Flash)


Media Arts: Art History

Art Cards include Cindy Sherman, Frances Marion, Mariko Mori, Mary Pickford, Nam June Paik, Spike Lee, the Lumière Brothers, and Thomas Edison.

Under Media Arts, these videos helps students to take a closer look at types of media like photography, radio, film, television and electronic arts:

Be a Media Critic

Also, be sure to visit:

Meet an Artist

The Studio (Please access on a desktop , as these are still in Flash)


Music: Art History

Art Cards include Celia Cruz, Hugh Masekela, Igor Stravinsky, Louis Armstrong, Maria Callas, Mary Low Williams, Scott Joplin, and Woody Guthrie.

Under Music, students learn the different sections of an orchestra by the instruments types and listen to how the instruments sound.

Be a Music Critic

Also, while you’re there, be sure to visit:

Meet a Musician

The Studio (Please access on a desktop, as these are still in Flash)


Painting: Art History

Art Cards include Alice Neel, Andy Warhol, Frido Kahlo, Georgia O’Keeffe, Jackson Pollock, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Kara Walker, March Chagall, Mary Cassatt, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, and Xu Bing.

Also under Painting, these images help students to learn how to critique painting:

Be a Painting Critic

And also, while you’re there, be sure to visit:

Meet a Painter

The Studio (Please access on a desktop, as these are still in Flash)


Sculpture: Art History

Art Cards include Alison Saar, Antoni Gaudi, Camille Claudel, Constantin Brancusi, David Hammons, Marisol Escobar, Maya Lin, and Richard Serra.

Also under Sculpture, these images help students to learn how to critique sculpture:

Be a Sculpture Critic

And also, while you’re there, be sure to visit:

Meet a Sculptor

The Studio (Please access on a desktop, as these are still in Flash)


Theater: Art History

Art Cards include Anton Chekov, August Wilson, Eugene O’Neill, Garcia Lorca, Lillian Hellman, Lorraine Hansberry, Suzan-Lori Parks, Tennessee Williams

Be a Theater Critic

And also, while you’re there, be sure to visit:

Meet an Artist

The Stage (Please access on a desktop, as these are still in Flash)


Forgotten Founder (now includes documents)

Documents include the Virginia Plan, the Pinckney Plan, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Articles of Confederation.


Road Trip

Places: Points of Interest (photos)

Movers & Shakers (Bios with photos)


Web of Water

Maps & Photos



We’re just getting started on this collection of images, and there will be more to come! Please feel free to check up on us!

National Poetry Month


SC History Resources


NASA Online

And for those of you who can never get enough of the great NASA videos you’ve loved for years!

Upgraded NASA Videos can now be found on the new!

These videos have been upgraded, featuring the same content that is so popular with science teachers everywhere—however, NASA no longer hosts this content on their website.


NASA CONNECT Math Simulations

NASA Science Simulations

NASA SciFiles


As always, we invite you to Contact Us with your questions and also your comments that will give us insight into the ways you are using this content. We highly respect that work that you do every day in classrooms all across South Carolina, and we are eager to serve you! So please be in touch with your thoughts and ideas! Thank you!



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