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PBS TeacherLine Offers Accomplished Science Teaching Series

December 2, 2016 - Posted in Education by Kathy Finger
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Drawing upon data from the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards’ performance assessment of science teachers, PBS TeacherLine recently created three new Accomplished Science Teaching Series courses for K-12 educators.

The courses may be taken individually or as a series. Each course earns 60 SC Renewal Credits (or 3 Graduate Credits for an additional fee).

  • SCIE602: Accomplished Science Teaching: Building Student Understanding
    Through this course, learners focus on the evolution of student learning of science concepts. With an understanding of how science concepts build on each other, whether within a unit or grade or across grades, teachers can make well-informed instructional decisions and help students build their own understanding more efficiently. Several ideas in this course will be revisited in more depth in the other courses from the Accomplished Science Teaching series. Syllabus
  • SCIE607: Accomplished Science Teaching: Letting Science Lead
    This course focuses on the scientific content of a lesson. While it’s easy to find engaging and fun science activities to include in science instruction, this course will ensure the science is leading the development of the lesson. Learners will consider what students should learn from their science education and through an exploration of scientific and engineering practices, as outlined in the National Research Council's A Framework for K-12 Science Education, and two inquiry-based models, learners will build an effective science lesson that lets the science lead. Several ideas in this course will be revisited in more depth in the third course from the Accomplished Science Teaching series. Syllabus 
  • SCIE609: Accomplished Science Teaching: Guiding Student Learning
    Through this course, learners will be able to focus on being purposeful and reflective about different aspects of lesson planning and implementation that help students learn. Learners look at several aspects—from the students themselves, to the atmosphere in which they're asked to learn science, to what can be done to be certain they are learning the intended goals and concepts. Syllabus

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Other science courses offered by PBS TeacherLine include:

  • Facilitated courses:
    • SCIE504 Plants and Animals - STEM Professional Development from WGBH (K-4)
    • SCIE560 Teaching Earth and Space Science - STEM Professional Development from WGBH (5-12)
    • SCIE564 Structure of the Earth System - STEM Professional Development from WGBH (5-12)
    • SCIE572 The Habitable Planet: A Systems Approach to Environmental Science—A Special Collection from Annenberg Learner (9-12)
    • RDLA130 Teaching Reading in Science (3-12)
    • RDLA340 Teaching Reading in the Content Areas (3-12)
  • Self-paced (non-credit) courses:
    • SCIE1001: Many Planets One Earth
    • SCIE1005: Demographic Dynamics
    • SCIE1011: Human Impacts on Environmental Systems
    • SCIE1015: Earth's Changing Climate

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