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New on Knowitall for September!

August 30, 2016 - Posted in Education by Mimi Brown
Images from Knowitall for September

Now that we’re beginning to settle in to the new school year, and we’re starting to see patterns emerge in how each day goes, and how your students react in class, we wanted to make sure that you know about content you may wish to explore with them on Knowitall!

Here’s a quick look at some new content recently added to Knowitall!

Pulitzer Prize-Winners in South Carolina

To encourage and inform your blossoming journalists and writers, there’s a great new 3-part series!

Commentary with Kathleen Parker and Jim Hoagland

Two Washington Post columnists who have South Carolina connections discuss writing for their columns. Kathleen Parker and Jim Hoagland talk about the process of writing and how their careers in journalism have transitioned into this phase of their careers as columnists.

Literature—Julia Mood Peterkin

Julia Mood Peterkin was South Carolina’s first Pulitzer Prize-winning author, and the only recipient in the field of literature, awarded during the Harlem Renaissance. Panelists discuss Peterkin’s contributions to her time and the context of the times in which she lived, her contributions to the world of literature, and to our understanding of the changing world in which we live.

ReportingCelebrating Pulitzer Public Service Journalism with the Charleston Post and Courier

In August 2014, Till Death Do Us Part, a series on domestic violence, published by the Post and Courier, brought attention to the issue. By June, new legislation had passed into law, proving the impact that such a project can have on society.

Carolina Money

To inspire your female students regarding careers in IT, there’s a great new interview with Tammy Mainwaring of IT-oLogy that provides great information about mentoring opportunities and other ways of connecting girls to careers in this area! And for budding engineers, there’s a great video on Pascal’s Law and Mechanical Advantage!

Women in IT: What Holds Them Back and Why They Matter

Tammy Mainwaring, COO of IT-oLogy, discusses the statistics regarding women in computer-related fields and WISE (Women in Information Technology, Science and Engineering), an organization that inspires girls and women to study and build careers using STEM.

Learning with RumbleLab

Moultrie Ball, founder of RumbleLab, discusses Pascal’s Law, and demonstrates Mechanical Advantage.  Take a look at this hands-on experiment with a can-crusher!

Cupcakes for a Cure

It is not often that you will see a fully functional business run by three 6th-graders. But that's exactly what Charlie, Katelyn, and Mattie are doing. These three eleven-year-olds won't let their age stop them from running a thriving cupcake business. Check out how Charlie, Katelyn, and Mattie are changing the world one cupcake at a time.

You can visit Cupcakes for a Cure's website at

Look through all of the stories on Carolina Money and find others you’ll enjoy! And don’t forget…Smart is Fun!


Between the Waters - Coming September 12!

*Please be sure to catch the full article about this fantastic new resource, now available from South Carolina ETV!

Between the Waters is SCETV’s new immersive transmedia website showcasing the culture and history of Hobcaw Barony, a 16,000 acre historic site on the coast of South Carolina. Located between Charleston and Myrtle Beach, Hobcaw is a crossroads representing every era of human history, providing a lens through which many threads of the nation’s story may be examined. Visitors to the Between the Waters website take a self-directed virtual tour of Hobcaw Barony, moving down the roads and rice canals, entering slave dwellings and grand houses, watching videos, examining photographs, and listening to historians and the first-person stories of former residents and relatives. Visit the Making History Together blog now to learn more!


More Content for September!

Knowitall Healthy!

It’s always good to start the new school year off with a quick click-through of these resources on Knowitall Healthy!

Flu PSAs in English and with Spanish Subtitles, including the Wash Hands Song with Danielle Howle

Healthy Hannah

EdAware: Eat Smart Move More

Youth Media Health Institute

Remembering 9/11

We honor the memory of those we lost on 9/11/2001 on this, its 15th anniversary. Explore the resources that are available in the Collection.

Hispanic Heritage Month Collection

(Sept. 15 - Oct. 15)

Celebrate our Hispanic Heritage from September 15 – October 15!

Circle of Inheritance

For God, Glory and Gold

La Ropa Sucia

Mary Long’s Yesteryear - Conquistadors and Explorers: S.C. Under the Spanish Flag (Parts 1-8)

Nuestro Futuro 

Periscope: Hispanic Heritage Month

27:Fifty - Santa Elena and St. Augustine, Castillo De San Marcos

Marcelo Novo and Miriam Barbosa

Constitution Day

(Celebrated this year on Friday, Sept. 16)

On September 17, 1787, members of the Constitutional Convention signed the final draft of the Constitution. Learn about the South Carolina delegates and find other resources to be utilized for teaching about Constitution Day.

Forgotten Founder

James Otis Lecture Series

The American Revolution

The New Nation (1781- 1860)



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