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NEW ETV Teacher Recertification Course with Naturalist Rudy Mancke

February 4, 2016 - Posted in Education by Bette Jamison
Rudy Mancke; natural history course; making connections

Making Connections with Natural History Featuring Rudy Mancke, Series I

A NEW ETV Teacher Recertification course for SC educators! Designed for South Carolina educators of all grade levels, in all subject areas, the NEW course for 20 renewal credits will assist teachers with integrating natural history to engage learners. This is another opportunity for SC teachers to learn from Naturalist Rudy Mancke! 

Series I features new “Natural History Connects” segments where Rudy talks about naturalists and more along with special programs about birds and butterflies, sea creatures and Hurricane Hugo. Plus, we’ll look environmental education in our schools and explore video/online resources to use with students as teachers discover how they can help students K-12 make connections with the world around them.

Making Connections with Natural History Featuring Rudy Mancke, Series I:

-Designed for SC teachers of all grade levels/all subject areas

-Facilitated entirely online and self-paced (Must complete by session END date)

-20 renewal credits (No graduate credit)

-Cost $75


-*SPRING I session:   STARTS March 28 /  ENDS May 16        

-*SPRING II session:  STARTS April 25    /  ENDS  June  13       Registration opened until May 5

(*Both of these sessions will provide credit by June 30th SDE renewal cycle deadline.)


NOTE: A second course -Series II - will be ready for SUMMER session July 1 – August 22. Then both series will be offered in all sessions. In addition to other “Natural History Connect” segments, Series II features a look back at NatureScene, experts who talk about how nature came back after the Chernobyl event and short segments for use in the classroom. (Registration for SUMMER session opens June 6.) 

Participants in courses will view each video lesson online and then answer discussion topic questions, posting response in ETV Learn online forum. Participants are encouraged to respond to discussion posts from other participants in the course. Participants will complete viewing of video lessons, discussion topic responses and then course evaluation questions by designated session end date.

If you participated in Natural History In and Out of the Classroom with Rudy Mancke course that is provided by ETV Teacher Recertification for 60 renewal credits, then you know “Mr. Mancke’s knowledge of natural history is awesome as are his teaching skills” … as one participant exclaimed! These NEW 20 renewal credit courses are another opportunity to learn from Naturalist Rudy Mancke!

Register for ETV Teacher Recertification SPRING II session - April 6 through May 5.

For more information, call ETV Learn: toll free 1-888-761-8132 / 1-800-277-3245 or 803-737-3245. 

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